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Sarah Schreiber reveals how she got into WWE 

Shubham Roy
05 Nov 2019, 00:10 IST

Sarah Schreiber
Sarah Schreiber

WWE backstage correspondent and interviewer Sarah Schreiber had an interview with Bill Apter in his APTER CHAT where she talked about her acting background, her favorite music and how she got introduced into the industry of professional wrestling and WWE as a whole.

Bill Apter is an eminent sports journalist who has been involved in the professional wrestling scene since the early 1970s and has been an editorial staff member for various magazines. His publications helped launch the careers of various young professional wrestlers who were featured on covers of his magazines. You can watch the entire video below.

Her introduction to professional-wrestling

After having a witty and lighthearted conversation where they talked about their music preferences and various other topics, Bill Apter wanted to know how Sarah got involved in pro-wrestling. Schreiber said that it can be attributed to her days of watching all sorts of wrestling pay-per-view events with her brother.

Well, it is really funny because I used to be the only girl at all the pay-per-view events when i would watch it with my brother when I was a kid.

Apter wanted to find out out the name of her favorite Superstars and the first PPV that introduce her into wrestling. Schreiber said that it was Royal Rumble, although she did not specify the year and said that some of her favorite wrestlers were 1-2-3 Kid, Razor Ramon, and Owen Hart.

I was just enamored by the show of it, the performance of it all, coming from performance, like I said theater and my brother obviously loved it with the wrestling. So, the combination of both, it was amazing.

How she made her way into WWE

Sarah Schreiber said that WrestleMania 34 at New Orleans was her first day on the job for WWE. When asked by Apter how she got into the company, Schreiber said that it was through the WWE Performance Center at Orlando, Florida.

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