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WWE 205 Live Results (September 3rd, 2019): Lince Dorado battles Humberto Carrillo for a Cruiserweight Title shot, Drew Gulak aligns with an unexpected partner

Greg Bush
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04 Sep 2019, 08:59 IST

The Premier Athlete looks for a fresh start in the opening match
The Premier Athlete looks for a fresh start in the opening match

A few weeks from now, Drew Gulak will have to defend his Cruiserweight Championship against his former pupil, Humberto Carrillo. Carrillo has been incredibly impressive since joining 205 Live back in 2018. At this point, he's got quite a winning streak going. However, a loss tonight means more than it usually would.

For Carrillo, it means decreasing his odds at winning the Cruiserweight Championship from Drew Gulak at Clash of Champions. If Lince Dorado manages to defeat the handsome high-flyer, he's in, making it a Triple Threat.

Kicking off 205 Live was the Premier Athlete hoping to get his career back on track. Since losing the Cruiserweight Title, Nese has been a shell of his former self. A few weeks back, he claimed that it was time to change things up because "being a Premier Athlete isn't working." Ominous, considering Drew Gulak said something similar before coming back a new, dangerous man and mauling Nese and everyone in his way to capture the gold. Would Nese take a similar step?

Tony Nese vs Mike Kanellis

Nese wrapped up Kanellis early, taking him to the ground with a waist lock and forcing a rope break. Kanellis responded with a kick to the gut, taking Nese to the corner for a chop. Nese responded but was leveled with a headbutt for his trouble.

Kanellis launched Nese into the corner, but the Premier Athlete leaped out of harm's way, avoiding a clothesline with a handspring and connecting with his patented kicking combination. Nese followed Kanellis outside for a great right hand to the jaw. However, Kanellis responded with a DDT on the steel ramp, spiking the former Cruiserweight Champion and getting a chance to catch a breather.

Nese made it back inside by the nine-count and was immediately dropped with a death valley driver. He kicked out and was immediately placed in a seated chinlock. Nese broke out and caught Kanellis running into the ropes, tripping him up.

Going for a springboard moonsault, he was forced to land on his feet as Kanellis rolled away. The Languished Lover dumped Nese over the top rope and dropped him across the barricade, connecting with a running boot.


Back inside the ring, Nese kicked out again, getting placed back inside the chin lock. Kanellis launched Nese into the corners a few times, but as he set up for another death valley driver, was sent into the bottom turnbuckle with a German suplex. Nese was unable to connect with the Running Nese, though, saving Kanellis from certain defeat.

Nese still managed to light up Kanellis with a striking combination and an enziguri from the apron, finally managing to hit the springboard moonsault. Kanellis kicked out at two. Nese attempted another German, but Kanellis blocked. An O'Connor roll and follow up schoolboy both failed to defeat Kanellis, who responded with a powerful spinebuster., knocking the air out of Nese.

Kanellis brought Nese up top, trying to set up for the backpack stunner. Nese fought him off but was met by another boot to the jaw. Before Kanellis could jump off the top, the rolling uppercut rocked him, allowing Nese to take Kanellis over with a super hurricanrana.

Kanellis kicked out and managed to fight out of a pumphandle slam, countering with a running clothesline. Kanellis slapped Nese and demanded he hit him. Nese responded with a slap of his own and a running elbow strike. Kanellis was sent out to the apron where he blocked an enziguri but was dropped by a legsweep. Nese connected with a Fosbury Flop and brought Kanellis inside for the 450 Splash.

Kanellis kicked out just in the nick of time. Kanellis avoided the Running Nese for a second time and countered the Sunset Driver with a roll-up. Another Running Nese was stopped when Kanellis rocked the former champion with a superkick. Finally, a rolling cutter put him away, giving Kanellis an incredible win and putting a smile on Maria Kanellis's face backstage.

Results: Mike Kanellis defeated Tony Nese via pinfall.

Lince Dorado was seen backstage getting ready for his main event match with Humberto Carrillo. Ariya Daivari walked up and congratulated him, but also felt that he was owed a thank you for making it all happen. Dorado put Daivari down, saying it's his fault that the rest of the Lucha House Party aren't even talking to him now. He'll defeat Carrillo, go on to win the Cruiserweight Championship, and mend his relationship with Kalisto & Gran Metalik to throw the biggest Lucha House Party 205 Live has ever seen.

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