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WWE News: Ali reveals why Vince McMahon allows him to go unscripted on his vignettes

Gary Cassidy
27 Aug 2019, 00:44 IST

Ali spoke about Vince's opinions on his vignettes
Ali spoke about Vince's opinions on his vignettes

While speaking with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Ali revealed how his vignettes are not produced or directed by WWE, and what Vince McMahon said about WWE potentially being involved in the creation of the former 205 Live Superstar's trademark backstage segments.

They’re mine. A hundred percent mine. They’re not written. They’re not produced. They’re not directed by anything WWE. I showed a few samples to Vince McMahon himself, some of the producers, and Vince’s direction was, “If we get involved with it, it’s going to become its own thing. I like what I see, go out and make it your own.”
So he literally tells me when he needs them and I make them. It’s very, very cool that someone’s self-producing, self-writing, self-directing and making their own vignettes.

You can see the entire interview below.

Wait, he's no longer called Mustafa Ali?

Ali also opened up about losing half of his name...

The name might’ve changed, but the person behind it doesn’t. And it’s all good, know what I mean? Now it’s easy. Now people know who I am. You know what really was happening, though? One side of the crowd would chant “Mustafa,” and the other side would [chant] “Ali,” and it was just a lot of confusion. Now there’s no confusion.

The SmackDown Live Superstar also revealed when he was made aware of his call-up.

There was no advanced notice here. It’s like a recurring theme up here. I had showed up for the SmackDown Live TV taping and was told that night that I would be having that match with Daniel Bryan.
I was assured it was just a one time deal. "One time, you’re still on 205 [Live]. It’s just a one time [deal], but make the most of the opportunity.” And I was just thinking, “Oh, let me use this moment to get some exposure for 205 Live. Maybe I’ll capture the [fans, audience] and bring it over to 205 [Live].”

Of course, Ali ended up being moved permanently. He stated that he was told the following week that he would be moving to SmackDown and teaming with AJ Styles to take on Bryan and Andrade.

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