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WWE News: Braun Strowman would love a match against The Fiend

12 Aug 2019, 11:42 IST

Fans would surely love to see The Fiend vs. The Monster Among Men
Fans would surely love to see The Fiend vs. The Monster Among Men

When Bray Wyatt reappeared in the WWE after being away for nearly half a year, it was exciting to see the new character that he would be portraying.

Once he revealed that along with his Firefly Fun House host gimmick would be an alter ego named The Fiend, it got people clamoring for potential matches for the new persona. One of those matches would be with Braun Strowman, and according to Sky Sports, The Monster Among Men would love a match against The Fiend.

Wyatt formed one half of the RAW Tag Team Champions last summer alongside Matt Hardy. Hardy got injured and both stars were taken off television. Wyatt returned to WWE programming the night after WrestleMania 35 as the host of Firefly Fun House but he also teased that a frightening alter ego lurked in hindsight.

Strowman had primarily been battling Bobby Lashley over the last few months. The two men showcased their strength in wrestling matches, arm wrestling matches and tugs of war. They even kicked off the "Paul Heyman Era" on RAW by going through the Titantron.

While Strowman was battling Lashley, Wyatt was entertaining the masses with his new character and show. Once it became apparent that there was more than what met the eye regarding the new Wyatt, fans were intrigued for his new direction.

When Wyatt unleashed The Fiend, it was instantly unlike anything in the WWE. The persona made his TV debut on the RAW after Extreme Rules, and on the show, he targeted Finn Balor. It led to a SummerSlam match between the two won by The Fiend.

Prior to The Biggest Party of the Summer, Strowman spoke with Sky Sports about the potential of a match between "the Monster Among Men" and The Fiend.

"We'll see what happens with him and Finn Balor but I would 100 per cent like to be involved with him. He puts b--ts in seats and you never know, you may see The Fiend against the monster that he made at some point."

Although that is most certainly a feud that fans would want to see, it might come later down the road than we'd like. Wyatt's new character needs a string of convincing wins in feuds in order to regain a lot of the goodwill his character lost after dropping feuds to John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and The Undertaker. But when it does happen, and it should, sign me up.

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