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WWE News: Clash of Champions Cruiserweight Title match now a Triple Threat 

Greg Bush
04 Sep 2019, 09:28 IST

Drew Gulak's title reign may be in jeopardy, even with a new sidekick
Drew Gulak's title reign may be in jeopardy, even with a new sidekick

Drew Gulak's ongoing campaign

Since joining 205 Live, Drew Gulak has been completely against the thought of high-flying as a valid form of competition. Whether it's the reckless crash test offence seen from Ali or Tony Nese, or the rope walking style of luchadors like Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik, Gulak has always felt that it was a style that was too easy to capitalize on. One mistake was all it took for an opponent to secure victory.

We've seen Gulak prove this time in and time out, giving validity to his way of thinking. However, he's also been bested by some of the Superstars named above. In fact, that led to his transformation earlier in the year, giving us the aggressive new Philadelphia Stretcher that's managed to break every opponent he's stepped in the ring with.

Now at the top of the card, the last thing that Drew Gulak wants is to lose his title to someone who disproves his theory. However, at Clash of Champions, the odds of that happening have now increased, with the champion battling against two of 205 Live's top luchadors.

The Golden Lynx claws his way into a title shot

On tonight's 205 Live, Humberto Carrillo took on Lince Dorado in the main event. The two Superstars have been at each other's throats over the past month and a half, with Dorado believing that if he'd gotten half the opportunities that Carrillo has had in his time on the roster, he'd be champion by now.

WIth a string of impressive victories recently, General Manager Drake Maverick decided to give him that shot. Tonight, he'd battle his rival, and if he won, he'd be placed in the Cruiserweight Championship match at Clash of Champions, making it a Triple Threat.

Sadly for Humberto Carrillo and Drew Gulak, that's exactly what happened. Dorado was on another level tonight, outperforming and outmaneuvering Carrillo throughout most of the match. Following the win, though, Dorado was assaulted by the Cruiserweight Champion.

Before Carrillo could intervene, he was blindsided by Tony Nese who has now aligned himself with his former rival. It's unknown what Nese's reasoning for this decision was or if it'll affect the title match at Clash of Champions. What we do know is that, with both Dorado and Carrillo now challenging for the title, Gulak's battling some extreme odds.

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