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WWE News: Daniel Bryan promises to reveal the culprit behind Roman Reigns' attacks on SmackDown next week

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Bryan promised to bring the culprit to the forefront next week on SmackDown.
Bryan promised to bring the culprit to the forefront next week on SmackDown.

While they didn't have a match at the Biggest Party of the Summer, the ongoing saga regarding who is behind the attacks on Roman Reigns just keeps getting better and better. After the Big Dog coerced Buddy Murphy into revealing the attacker, Daniel Bryan and Rowan did the same to Murphy in order to clear their names.

After confronting and attacking the Best Kept Secret backstage in the locker room, Murphy said that he lied about Rowan being behind the attacks on Roman Reigns. While they haven't been battling each other in the ring, Reigns and Bryan have been playing a dangerous game with each other.

Murphy has been the road map for the storyline thus far as he was the lone WWE Superstar to appear in the footage during Reigns' first attack. Reigns went to him to get a name and he was given one. Whether or not that was the correct name is another story. Daniel Bryan & Rowan went to Murphy to get a confession about lying about the culprit and he admitted to lying. Both admissions were given under coercion, so can they really be trusted?

While a good deal of the WWE Universe wanted to see Murphy finally get some television time, little did we expect that he would be involved in one of the bigger storylines of the summer.

After both Reigns and Bryan confronted Murphy in successive weeks, it appears that in order to clear their names of any wrongdoing, Bryan & Rowan have been "conducting their own investigation". I guess we're getting into some Law & Order territory on SmackDown now.

After forcing Murphy into another confession, Bryan & Rowan were confronted by the victim himself, Roman Reigns. He was looking for them after his match with the Best Kept Secret. Not only did Bryan want an apology but he revealed that they had been looking for the attacker themselves. He claimed that he and Rowan would be bringing that person to SmackDown next week.

Is this merely a diversionary tactic by the Planet's Champion to get inside Roman's head? Do they really have the legendary detective skills like Sherlock Holmes and Kojak? Whatever happens with this storyline next week, it will certainly have us guessing like crazy until the real person is ultimately revealed.

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