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WWE News: Daniel Bryan says his in-ring career might be over soon

Daniel Wood
05 Oct 2019, 05:17 IST

Daniel Bryan intends to retire soon
Daniel Bryan intends to retire soon

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is perhaps the biggest star to make the transition from a popular independent wrestler to a certified main event talent in WWE (if we ignore CM Punk, of course) and the man himself has revealed that we might be nearing the end of his time as a wrestler, not just for WWE, but wrestling in general.

Daniel Bryan is cleared to return to the WWE ring

The fact that Daniel Bryan is even wrestling now is somewhat of a bonus for most wrestling fans as most of us will be aware that he was forced to retire from wrestling not too long ago and had to fight a long and hard battle to get cleared to compete again in a WWE ring.

It was an incredibly heartfelt and emotional moment to see Daniel Bryan return to in-ring action after the issues he had with concussions and head injuries.

Daniel Bryan's recent WWE run

However, over several months, Daniel Bryan slowly transformed into 'The New Daniel Bryan' that we all know and love today and most recently, he's been embroiled in a storyline involving Roman Reigns getting attacked by a mystery attacker with Bryan's sidekick Erick Rowan being revealed as the culprit.

Daniel Bryan reveals retirement plans

Many want to see Bryan back in the main event scene, but if he is going to win another world title, WWE had better be quick because the man himself revealed he intends to retire from wrestling 'sooner than we think'.

Speaking on the Bellas Podcast, he said,

“My retirement from full-time wrestling which will be coming up sooner rather than later in the next couple of years, that probably won’t mean retirement for [Brie Bella] for how busy you are,” he said. “It will probably be me taking on more of the parental role, and so depending on jobs and that sort of thing, that’s been a nice switch in society that can happen.”

(h/t Wrestletalk for the transcription)

Admittedly he does specifically say full-time wrestling, so there's every chance Daniel Bryan could move into a role that we'd more closely associate with someone like John Cena or even The Undertaker over recent years.

Either way, the prospect of Daniel Bryan winding down his wrestling activity is certainly a sad one for wrestling fans. However, no-one can argue with the man for wanting to spend more time with his family!

Will you be sad to see Daniel Bryan retire from wrestling? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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