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WWE News: Enzo Amore responds to hospitalization caused by a shove from Superstar

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Enzo Amore was hospitalized for his injury
Enzo Amore was hospitalized for his injury

What's the story?

Enzo Amore has never been the most beloved Superstar backstage in WWE.

However, there was a moment in the WWE Payback 2016 pay-per-view that Enzo Amore received a serious injury after being shoved too hard. Due to the shove, his head hit the middle rope and bounced hard off the ground, giving him a concussion and leading to hospitalization for the WWE Superstar.

Due to the move, Enzo was unable to compete for a few weeks in WWE. In his recent interview with Title Match Wrestling, Enzo Amore addressed the issues he had with the Superstar that might have caused it -- Simon Gotch.

In case you didn't know...

Enzo Amore may no longer be working for the WWE, but he has unfinished business with at least one former WWE Superstar.

Simon Gotch has often spoken at length about how Enzo Amore was a disruption backstage, and Amore obviously had enough while talking about Gotch in the interview.

The concussion ended up putting Amore and Cass' tag team on the shelf for a while, when Enzo was recovering from his injuries.

The heart of the matter

While Amore completely buried Simon Gotch, talking about how their problems originated from their days in development together, he said that he did not bear any ill will towards Gotch.

He said he did not want to talk about the shove, as he did not want to assume that the shove had been on purpose. He did, on the other hand, say that if Gotch had indeed pushed him on purpose, he would not be surprised.

Enzo revealed that particular spot had been run a 100 times with Aiden English, however, the very first time they did it with Gotch he ended up with an injury.


"I ran that spot 100 times with Aiden English, and he'll tell you about it. I've done it 100 times on live events with Aiden English, never one time in my life did it with Simon Gotch. The first time I ever did it with him, I ended up in a hospital, and if I ever found out Simon Gotch did that on purpose, if he ever came out and said that, how you doin?" -- h/t

What's next?

Enzo Amore is currently not working for WWE anymore. Instead, he has been focusing on his rapping career and looking to focus on that. However, if Gotch ever does come out and say that he shoved Amore on purpose, Enzo might have something to say.