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WWE News: Matt Hardy open to working with Bray Wyatt again, reveals the inspiration behind his current gimmick

28 Aug 2019, 00:05 IST

"You Don’t Know How Hard It Is To Be Matt Hardy"

What’s the story?

One of WWE’s tag-team legends, Matt Hardy, recently commented on his new in-ring character, the inspiration behind it and the possible reunion with his former Tag Team partner, Bray Wyatt.

The Hardy Boyz have been missing from Live Television since dropping the Tag Team titles in April.

In case you didn’t know...

Jeff Hardy sustained an injury, which saw the Hardy Boyz relinquish the titles. After a few weeks of working various angles, Matt went off Live TV and was rumored to be retiring. However, he has been working on a new character now and could return soon. He even teased a possible reunion with his former partner Bray.

The heart of the matter...

Speaking to TalkSPORT about the inspiration behind his new character, Matt Hardy revealed that he got that the idea from social media and how people nowadays complain about meaningless things. He further added:

I say that the best thing about social media is it gives everyone a voice and the worst thing about social media is that it gives everyone a voice. People will complain about so many things that are meaningless and that’s the inspiration for that.
You can take this great scenario you are in and there’s one or two snags and that’s what people will bitch about and that’s where ‘You Don’t Know How Hard It Is To Be Matt Hardy’ came from. I have other things I would be interested in doing. I love giving creative ideas. I wish I could run my own creative, in fact.

Hardy thinks it is fun to be an artist at his age because he is now confident about his abilities and can make changes to his character depending on what would work for him. He now welcomes different challenges.

When asked about a reunion with Bray and his new "Fiend" character, he concluded by saying,

I would not say no to that. I am a big fan of Bray and we’re good friends on a personal level. I am a big fan of his work, I am a big fan of his creative thought process and he’s excellent at what he does. I hope he gets the proper opportunity with all this because I think it is gonna be a grand slam.

What next?

If this story holds and Hardy does return to reunite with the “Fiend”, it would just be an epic team to watch out for. The two could run havoc in the WWE and be one of the most feared teams in all of sports entertainment.

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