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WWE News: Matt Hardy reveals what he wants on his return to the company, "multifarious" approach and more

Johny Payne
29 Sep 2019, 02:48 IST

Matt Hardy aims to constantly evolve his character
Matt Hardy aims to constantly evolve his character

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, WWE Superstar and veteran professional wrestling performer Matt Hardy asserted that he’d love to make his on-screen return as a singles performer.

Additionally, Matt chimed in with his thoughts on his new “You Don’t Understand” gimmick, constantly evolving his character, and according significance to the entertainment factor in professional wrestling.

Matt Hardy has been posting videos on social media with a new, eccentric persona

The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) have been out of action for the past few months, owing to Jeff suffering a serious knee injury earlier this year.

Although Matt has occasionally appeared on WWE programming despite Jeff being on a hiatus, the former too doesn’t appear as frequently as he generally would.

Instead, Matt has largely been focused on posting videos in a rich man persona, on his YouTube channel as well as via his official Twitter account.

Matt Hardy speaks about the pros and cons of social media, his “Version 1” and “Broken Matt” characters, and much more

Apart from reiterating that he’d love to return to active competition in the WWE as a singles competitor, Matt Hardy explained that during his time off from the ring, he has been actively working toward showcasing his new rich man avatar.

Hardy’s new avatar, which has garnered him a decent amount of traction on social media, is one wherein he portrays a rich person who complains about seemingly negligible problems in his extravagant life – with “You don’t understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy”, as the character’s catchphrase.

Furthermore, Hardy jested that the best and worst thing about social media is that it gives everyone a voice. He insinuated that he, on his part, has been utilising social media constructively, communicating with fans via his new gimmick.

Hardy also pointed out that he’d love to use his “Version 1” and “Broken” personas on WWE programming, adding that his aim is to be a “multifarious” performer with multiple identities at his disposal.


Moreover, Matt asserted that although he isn’t as athletic as he used to be, he has worked hard on improving in leaps and bounds with respect to the entertainment realm.

As of this time, it’s unclear as to when Matt Hardy would make his on-screen comeback on a full-time basis to the WWE.

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