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WWE News: Rusev reacts to Lana and Bobby Lashley's segment on RAW

01 Oct 2019, 10:36 IST

Lana and Rusev
Lana and Rusev

The season premiere of Monday Night RAW ended with a big surprise, as Lana returned and joined hands with Bobby Lashley. Rusev took to Twitter after the show and posted his reaction to the same, indicating that he is speechless over what happened on RAW.

RAW's big season premiere

Tonight, a new era began in WWE, and Monday Night RAW kicked off a new season with several changes made to the show. RAW now boasts a new set, plus pyro has made a return to WWE. Additionally, WWE is trying to bring back several elements of the Attitude Era.

During the episode, Brock Lesnar came out and attacked Rey Mysterio, as well as his son Dominick. The Universal title bout between Mysterio and Seth Rollins was changed to Rusev vs Rollins.

The main event kicked off with Randy Orton and King Corbin watching from the stage. As the match progressed, Lashley's music hit and out came the former Intercontinental Champion. Soon after, Lana made her return and joined forces with Lashley, to Rusev's utter shock. Suddenly, the lights started going out and The Fiend appeared, attacking Rollins at ringside. He brought the Champion down with a Mandible Claw to end the show.

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Rusev is speechless

After RAW came to an end, Rusev took to Twitter and posted a reaction to what he had just witnessed. As expected, Rusev didn't have anything to say and seemed completely taken aback. Here's his tweet:

Amusingly, the tweet garnered a response from WWE FOX's official Twitter handle. It posted a gif in reply to Rusev's tweet, which can be seen below:


Did you like what happened on RAW tonight? Where do you see this storyline going as we move forward? Let us know in the comment section!

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