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WWE News: Rusev shows off yet another impressive new look

Daniel Wood
09 Sep 2019, 00:45 IST

Rusev looks almost unrecognizable
Rusev looks almost unrecognizable

Rusev and Lana have been off of WWE television for quite some time now, but it certainly looks like Rusev is making the most of his time away by reinventing his image, not once, but twice.

We previously reported that Rusev had changed up his look and had shared an image on social media showing the 'Bulgarian Brute' sporting a spiffing new mustache.


Then we reported that Rusev had changed his look up yet again. This time, Rusev shared an image from Sheamus' gym and something was missing, that brand new spiffing mustache he was sporting in the above image

But fear not detractors of Rusev's clean-shaven look above, and fans of the WWE Superstar's hairy upper lip because it's another week and another new look for the former United States Champion and I have great news, the mustache is back and it's better than ever!

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Peligroso is my middle name.

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I personally hope that this is the look Rusev sticks with for his return to WWE television as I think it looks great. Who doesn't want to see a muscly Eastern European Freddie Mercury look-alike breaking people's backs with a Camel Clutch?

Anyway, we've no idea when Rusev and his real-life wife Lana will return to television, but we do know there's a chance that Rusev Day might reunite after Aiden English tweeted a tribute to the underutilized tag-team

I personally hope this is how both Rusev and Aiden English return to main roster television, they can even have matching facial hair to really seal the deal and bring Rusev Day back into the spotlight.

Either way though, we'll be sure to keep you up to date with all of the updates, developments, happenings and drama surrounding Rusev's face and the multiple changes it seems to go through.

Do you like Rusev's new look? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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