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WWE RAW: 5 things that should not happen on Night Two of the WWE Draft 

Vatsal Rathod
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14 Oct 2019, 15:57 IST

Universal Champion on SmackDown? Nah!
Universal Champion on SmackDown? Nah!

It's been two weeks now since Friday Night SmackDown debuted on FOX. After an eventful debut episode filled with star-power, shockers, and massive segments, the second episode for the Blue brand of FOX was also a huge deal. Being the Night One of the WWE Draft, the WWE Universe witnessed both RAW and SmackDown pick Superstars of their choice to join their respective rosters.

The reaction to the first night of the Draft was somewhat mixed as fans were happy with few decisions, not so much with some others. While the Draft will surely freshen up the product, especially with it ending the Wild Card rule, WWE needs to be careful with the picks.

In my opinion, the first night of the Draft wasn't very exciting and WWE needs to step-up their game on the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW, which would host the second night of the Draft. Did you have the same feelings? Let me know in the comments section below.

Let's analyze and take a look at five things that should not happen on Night Two of the WWE Draft.

#5 The Draft following the same order as in the preliminary draft pools

Before the start of the Draft, WWE announced a list of preliminary draft pools that had the names of Superstars eligible to be drafted on Night One and Two of the Draft. While it makes sense to divide the Superstars into pools to keep the Draft interesting on the second night, there was a major blunder with the list that many fans noticed.

The sequence of Superstars in the draft pool announced for Night One was almost identical to the actual sequence of draft picks on the night. One could check the list and find out who'll be drafted next - which ruined any excitement around the whole thing.

Whether that was a genuine mistake or not, WWE needs to make sure the same does not repeat on RAW. Currently, the list has been updated and arranged in alphabetical order, but many fans already have the access to the original one.

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