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WWE Rumors: Backstage reasoning for Dominick Mysterio skipping NXT (Exclusive)

Tom Colohue
23 Aug 2019, 13:44 IST

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Dominick Mysterio’s time in the WWE has been a turbulent one thus far through no fault of his own. A number of relatively minor injuries to his father Rey Mysterio have prevented the WWE from truly beginning the push clearly planned for the mysterious king’s heir apparent. Now, things finally seem to be picking up.

Rey attempted to announce his retirement on WWE Raw last week but was prevented from doing so by Dominick. His son’s reasoning being that he wanted to team with his father for his debut match.

What this told us more than anything was that Dominick would be skipping the WWE NXT part of his WWE career; a move usually reserved for huge brand identities and recognised talents such as AJ Styles.

On August 15th, when asked if Dominick would be working in NXT, I responded with the following.

Since then, I have learned via backstage sources that the NXT's proposed move to USA may have had some part in this. One source told me that with NXT elevating to the level of a Raw or a SmackDown, it would no longer be seen as the developmental brand and so some superstars that might not require further development would be skipping the brand altogether.

NXT no longer a necessity for talent development?

Separate locker room sources have suggested that Dominick does not need much development if any. Several people have told me that they have been very impressed with Dominick’s knowledge of the business and technical experience. With a father like Rey Mysterio, this is unlikely to come as much of a surprise.

It’s certainly possible that this is just an announcement feud being planned. A big debut tag team followed by a big debut feud. Originally this was to be with Samoa Joe and now instead looks likely to be against Andrade. However, if the idea is a tag team match there is nothing stopping the Mysterios from going against both men. That should give Dominick plenty of feuds going forward.


Meanwhile, this could potentially open a door for greater roster fluidity between NXT, Raw and SmackDown. With the brand split expected to be reinstated, having roster members move straight on to Raw isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

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