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WWE Rumors: Massive 'Pakistani Hulk' Wants to Join WWE

Will this behemoth end up wrestling in the United States?

Arbab Khizer Hayat has stated he wants to join the WWE ranks.

What’s the story?

Arbab Khizer Hayat is the kind of man you have to see to believe, and even then, it’s a little difficult.

Listed at about 1.9 meters (6-foot-3) and about 435 kilograms (959 pounds), Hayat has well earned the title of “Pakistani Hulk.” And with that moniker to his credit, he’s expressed interest in joining the WWE ranks to prove his strength there. 

“My immediate goal is to enter World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) competitions. I am looking to meet weight targets and I am consulting doctors to keep nutrition going,” he told a New York Post reporter.

In case you didn’t know...

Hayat’s strength is beyond impressive. Video exists of him displaying this raw power against a variety of equipment, including moving tractors and other vehicles.

Even if his actual size isn’t quite as big as he’s billed, and one can expect that’s the case, his sheer measurements and strength are worth noting without that nearly half-ton weight.

The heart of the matter

Vince McMahon has certainly shown an interest in larger athletes in the past, both from here in the United States and abroad. He made sure to get men like Andre the Giant, the Big Show and Great Khali in the fold, and there have been others that were brought in merely for their impressive physical characteristics.

For that reason, if a man like Hayat has expressed his intentions to get involved in pro wrestling, fans and the press can’t just ignore the possibility that McMahon might take a chance on someone like him.

What’s next?

We’ll all just be waiting to see what comes of this. Certainly, plenty of men have said they’d like to wrestle, and it’s not just a matter of desire and size that gets you into the WWE. At this point, we can expect that the WWE brass will see reports of this man and his interest, and it will be up to them.

Sportskeeda’s take

It’s hard to see how Hayat could end up in the WWE and be successful. Maybe in a bygone era, when a lumbering strength attraction would’ve been more welcomed by the fanbase, it would’ve been worth bringing him in for a tryout. 

But in the modern WWE, fans would expect him to have a deeper skillset than just being able to lift heavy things and look big in the ring. Being only 25, Hayat certainly has time to work on that, but it would make him a huge project unless he already has put in some time in that area of the sport. On top of that, his outlandish reported weight means either he isn’t as big as he claims to be, or it could be very likely there’s been some substance use that wouldn’t be allowed in the WWE. 

Either way, I wouldn’t make plans to watch the “Pakistani Hulk” in the WWE or NXT anytime soon.

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