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WWE Rumors: WWE trying to come to a settlement with Mauro Ranallo

WWE wants to save their face with a settlement.

News 14 Apr 2017, 12:41 IST
WWE wants to silence Ranallo?

What’s the story?

The absence of Mauro Ranallo from WWE television has been a topic of discussion in wrestling circles for some time now. And now, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is trying to come to a settlement with him.

In case you didn’t know...

Ranallo has been absent from the WWE programming for nearly two months now. Rumour has it that Ranallo left the company because he was reportedly bullied his fellow announcer John "Bradshaw" Layfield. However, WWE is yet to make a comment on the situation.

Earlier, rumours suggested that Ranallo is still under WWE contract. The contract apparently runs until August 12, 2017, and Ranallo would be legally restricted to give interviews during this time. 

The heart of the matter

The Observer notes that WWE wants to reach a settlement with Ranallo. WWE wants such a settlement so that it prevents Ranallo from talking about the reasons for his exit from the company. This further strengthens speculation that WWE has something to hide.

A handful of wrestling personalities has voiced their opinion against JBL and WWE apparently does not want to further ruin its public image; which in turn could be the motive behind pursuing such a settlement with Ranallo.

What’s next?

A settlement between the two parties seems likely. Ranallo is bound to his WWE contract till August if we go by the rumours. And a settlement could relieve him from the same. The veteran announcer would be eager to seek out new projects now that his run with WWE is over. WWE’s contract would be the major hurdle in front of him.

This could make Ranallo lean towards the settlement. There is, however, a slight chance of Ranallo going against the organisation. If Ranallo does this, he will be backed by many fans.

Author’s take

WWE’s desperations to reach a settlement suggest that there are things that they don’t want us to know. For an organisation that puts huge efforts into anti-bullying campaigns, Ranallo’s revelation could be disastrous.

What works in favour of the WWE is the contract they have with Ranallo. As it runs until August, WWE has plenty of time left to pursue Ranallo.  

On the other hand, WWE seeking such a settlement makes it clear that they don’t want to take any action against JBL. JBL is going nowhere despite the outrage from the fans and this would have a negative impact on WWE if JBL is indeed the real reason why Ranallo left. 

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