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WWE SmackDown Live Preview: March 14, 2017

A lot of questions will be answered this week on SmackDown Live.

14 Mar 2017, 12:33 IST

Back on track

Ever since WWE decided to take SmackDown live, Tuesday nights have been a treat for the fans. The two-hour episodes of SmackDown that are rolled out every week are a complete contrast to what the fans get on Monday Nights. This has given the blue brand a shot in the arm.

The crisp booking and fast storytelling will return this Tuesday night as well and there are some major storylines that need the limelight.

We will be taking another step towards WrestleMania with the show. The confrontation between Shane McMahon and AJ Styles, Randy Orton’s pursuit of the WWE title, the Cena – Miz feud and many other things will be addressed and we will take a closer look at all this in the preview.

5: The cornered champion

Alexa is cornered

The SmackDown Women’s division got some clear direction after a spell of chaos. Naomi relinquishing the title made the fans scratch their heads but when Alexa Bliss was crowned the champion once again, this confusion went with the wind. Due to all the efforts that she has delivered after the brand split, Alexa seems like the perfect name to represent the division at WrestleMania.

Last week, the champ was cornered by three immediate contenders, and her relationship with Mickie James exploded as well. Alexa was transformed into a lone wolf with just one segment and this gives WWE with two options: they can either make her a cunning heel champion or they can let her be the cowardly champion. The path that Alexa takes will be clear after this week’s SmackDown live.

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