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WWE Superstar claims that he's the new Goldberg after stealing the Jackhammer

07 Nov 2019, 03:58 IST


The long-running feud between Matt Riddle and Goldberg has been watched keenly outside the realms of WWE programming.

The NXT Superstar has never shied away from firing shots at the WWE Hall of Famer, and new layers are added to their rivalry with each passing day.

Riddle has even started using Goldberg's iconic finishers - The Jackhammer and The Spear - in his matches at NXT, and the Original Bro was asked about the same on the latest edition of WWE's The Bump.

During the interview, Riddle declared himself as the new Goldberg, saying:

"You know, honestly, when I did it to Cameron Grimes the other day I was just in there and I had little extra time and I was like, 'you know what? I'm just going to hit you with the Jackhammer.' So that's kind of how that went. I didn't really call it or do anything, I just did it. And the Spear the other day, You know the Jackhammer got such a great reaction, I was like, Hey, why not do a spear? And as you can tell, the crowd loves it. They've been chanting Riddle, like, I'm the new Goldberg.

The unorthodox NXT Superstar took on Cameron Grimes on last week's episode of NXT and both the Superstars tore the house down in an 8-minute match. Riddle used Goldberg's Jackhammer during the match and the fans at the Full Sail University loved it.

They chanted Riddle's name in typical Goldberg cadence with Riddle also imitating the WCW Superstar's mannerisms before uttering the words, 'You're next' while looking at the camera.

Riddle has rechristened the Jackhammer as the Brohammer and it has quickly become one of the best moves in his arsenal. Add the Spear to his list of moves and the King of Bros does present a strong case for being the second coming of Goldberg.

Riddle and Goldberg have traded barbs for a long time now, with both Superstars even having a backstage altercation at SummerSlam earlier this year.


There is enough backstory between the two for WWE to actually book a proper match, however, will the company do that? Only time will tell.

For now, Riddle has a busy Survivor Series weekend to focus on.

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