LIVE: Indians at DJARUM Indonesia Badminton Open 2013, June 10th

Akshy Sridhar: The Indian pair capture the second game 21-16
Akshy Sridhar: Arun/Aparna lead 13-11
Akshy Sridhar: The Indian pair lead the second game 8-7
Akshy Sridhar: Can Arun Vishnu/Aparna make a comeback in the second game?
Akshy Sridhar: Aparna/Arun lose the first game 16-21
Akshy Sridhar: Its all square between the Indian and Thai pairs as the scores are tied at 11 each
Akshy Sridhar: CHALARDCHALEAM to start serving in the first game!
Akshy Sridhar: We have the Arun Vishnu/Aparna Balan - Patiphat CHALARDCHALEAM/Jongkonphan KITTIHARAKUL mixed doubles clash happening in sometime now!
Akshy Sridhar: Hello! Welcome back!
Akshy Sridhar: No. Latif/Prajakta fail to win the third game as they lose 19-21 to the Indonesian pair
Akshy Sridhar: Thats a break! Could Abdul Latif serve them to victory?
Akshy Sridhar: Pratama/Melati move to 20-17
Akshy Sridhar: Adi Pratama serves back the Indonesian pair into lead as they move up to 19-17
Akshy Sridhar: Prajakta and Latif inch closer as they take a 17-15 lead
Akshy Sridhar: The India-Malaysian pair move into lead 10-8
Akshy Sridhar: The Indonesian pair still maintain the lead 7-6
Akshy Sridhar: Melati/Pratama possess the lead in the deciding game 5-4!
Akshy Sridhar: Prajakta Sawant and Abdul Latif do well to capture the second game 21-12
Akshy Sridhar: Prajakta/Latif strike into the lead in the second game !
Akshy Sridhar: Abdul Latif is from Malaysia and not USA!
Akshy Sridhar: Prajakta and Latif squander the first game 11-21!
Akshy Sridhar: Prajakta along with Latif on the verge of losing the first game as they trail 10-19
Akshy Sridhar: Prajakta Sawant and her American partner Abdul Latif trail 6-12 against Pratama/Melati.
prajwalms8: Next up will be Prajakta Sawant against Nadya Melati of Indonesia
prajwalms8: There it is , Sai wins against Evert 21-11, 21-16 ! A thumping victory for the Indian
prajwalms8: Match point for sai! 20-16
prajwalms8: Make that two, Sai leads 19-16
prajwalms8: Sai is just 3 points away from winning the game and the match..
prajwalms8: Sai takes the lead! 18-16 now
prajwalms8: Sai makes a great comeback, its all square now at 16-all
prajwalms8: Now Evert extends lead to 4-points, leads 11-7 against Sai
prajwalms8: Ever has taken the lead in the second game, 7-6
prajwalms8: Second ame, 2-all between evert and Sai
prajwalms8: 1-all
prajwalms8: second game starts
prajwalms8: Sai wins the first game 21-11!
prajwalms8: Sai leads 17-11 against Evert
prajwalms8: Sai storms into the lead! 11-8
prajwalms8: Its all square between Sai and Evert, 8-all
prajwalms8: Sai reduces the lead to just one point, trails 7-8
prajwalms8: Evert is leading 5-3
prajwalms8: Game about to start
prajwalms8: Sai Praneeth to take on Sukamta Evert
prajwalms8: Next game coming up
prajwalms8: Great play from Prannoy to take it to 3rd game, but in the end Sakai proved too good!
prajwalms8: Sakai finally claims the point and wins the game 21-17 and wins the match against Prannoy!
prajwalms8: Great rally from the Indian
prajwalms8: And another, 17-20 now!
prajwalms8: another point for Prannoy, 16-20
prajwalms8: Just delaying the inevitable
prajwalms8: Prannoy saves one match point to make it15-20
Akshy Sridhar: Pranaav/Akshay lost the first game 19-21
prajwalms8: Match point for Sakai against Prannoy!
Akshy Sridhar: Meanwhile Pranaav Chopra and Akshay Dewalkar trail 2-3 in the second game against Alexander/Selvanus.
prajwalms8: Sakai extends the leads. 19-12 and just 2 points away from winning the match
Akshy Sridhar: Nadhir comes from nowhere to beat Arundhathi 21-19 in the second game.
prajwalms8: Prannoy wins a point to make it 13-17
prajwalms8: Sakai extends lead to 4 points now, 16-12
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Akshy Sridhar: Arundhathi plays well to get into a big lead of 17-12
prajwalms8: sakai leads Prannoy 11-9
prajwalms8: Sakai now takes a 2-point lead over Prannoy in the final game
Akshy Sridhar: Arundhati Pantawane leads Nadhir 11-10
prajwalms8: Its all square now between Prannoy and Sakai, 8-all
prajwalms8: Prannoy leads 8-7
prajwalms8: Arundhati trails Nadhir by a point, 6-7 now
Akshy Sridhar: Prannoy comes back from behind to lead the third game 6-5
prajwalms8: Prannoy trails sakai by a point, 4-5
Akshy Sridhar: Arundhati Pantawane loses the first game 21-23
Akshy Sridhar: A close game for Arundhati Pantawane as she trails Maziyyah Nadhir 21-22
Akshy Sridhar: Prannoy captures the second game 21-14
Harvinder: prannoy lead in second set 19-14
Harvinder: hello all...
Akshy Sridhar: Prannoy leads the second game 15-11 after losing the first game.
Karthik Basappa: Arundhati Pantawane leads 8-5 in the first game of her match against Maziyyah Nadhir of Indonesia
Karthik Basappa: Prannoy has lost the first game but leads 10-7 in the second against Kazumasa Sakai of Japan
Karthik Basappa: H.S Prannoy and Arundhati Pantawane are already in action
Karthik Basappa: Saina Nehwal, Aparna Balan, Jwala Gutta are all in action!
Karthik Basappa: Welcome to the Live commentary of the 2013 DJARUM Indonesia Open
Rucha: they won d match or not??? n wat abt saina `s match???
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