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MMA News: Jose Aldo still not happy after meeting Dana White, but ready to let go a court-battle

The UFC fans might see Aldo once again.

MMA Rumours: Dominick Cruz possibly scheduled for a final showdown of the year at UFC 207

Cruz never backs down from the challenge!

MMA News: Nate Diaz shoots an online taunt at Conor McGregor after his remarks regarding a third battle of a trilogy

The new owners of the UFC definitely want to have a third match between the two as it would be 'good for business'.

MMA News: McGregor threatened Mousasi with a knife says the middleweight!

Mousasi knows he is too big for McGregor if their paths ever collided.

MMA News: Conor McGregor's Coach recalls how they first met

John Kavanagh has expanded his stable ever since his best horse got him world fame.

WWE/MMA News: Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten and Jordan Parsons diagnosed with CTE post-mortem

The progressive, degenerative disease is caused by repeated and severe blows to the head.

5 Possible opponents for Conor McGregor in 2017

A look at what, or who, 2017 could hold for Conor McGregor

MMA News: UFC has released a statement that GSP is still legally their employee

UFC continues to have a strong hold over its fighters under the new leadership.

MMA News: Punk challenged again, this time by former UFC fighter Phil Baroni

Punk is the only probable way back to the Octagon for Baroni again.

MMA News: CM Punk challenged by Jason David Frank, again

This is the third time Frank has challenged Punk.

MMA News: Jose Aldo claims Dana White told him to stop speaking about the fighters' union if he wants a better payday!

Aldo says that fighters remain disunited despite the lack of privileges.

MMA News: McGregor says Floyd Mayweather is 'afraid' to fight him!

If the dream turns into a reality, the fight between the duo may beat Mayweather vs Pacquiao in PPV sales!

MMA News: The Spider apologies running his mouth against the UFC!

Many fans expect Silva to retire after 5 flops!

Top Five MMA Rumors of the week and analysis: 17 October, 2016

Lesnar's USADA bust, WME-IMG to bring changes to UFC, reason why GSP is not returning and more.

MMA News: Conor McGregor on the final chapter of his trilogy with Nate Diaz

Conor wants the third fight with Diaz for the lightweight strap at 155 pounds

MMA News: Michael Bisping lashes out against Brock Lesnar

The middleweight champion had some burden to get off his chest

MMA News: Vitor Belfort clarifies that he won't retire!

Vitor Belfort gives a second thought to retirement, wants to continue being a fighter!

MMA News: Conor McGregor has a piece of 'Notorious' advice for Ronda Rousey!

Ronda attempts to be the only two-time Women's Bantamweight Champion!

MMA News: Vitor Belfort retires?

The Brazilian MMA legend finally bids goodbye to an illustrious career

WWE/MMA News: Conor McGregor speaks about a career in WWE

Connor speaks about WWE yet again
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