New Orleans Hornets vs LA Lakers, 2011 Gm-4 (COMIC)

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The pics were lost, here’s the comic in a video:

Strolling on the court

CP3 played well.

Kobe was 5 for 18.

Lakers bigs were largely ineffective. They kept switching on screens and Paul had his way.

They weren’t a force on the boards either.

Gasol had 4 boards, Bynum 9. Chris Paul had 13 by himself.


Someone tries to make new friends.

And old friends unite.

Phil Jackson was a little premature in rehersing his victory dance, at least it got him somewhere with the Boss's daughter

Second Phil Jax appearance. For those who are unfamiliar with the lyrics:


Disclaimer: Frank Vogel is younger than Monty Williams, but they call him an interim coach, so there’s that.

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