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Sports psychology with Kevin Garnett


You think Phil Jackson is the master of Zen? Hah! You think Kobe epitomizes ice-cold-take-no-prisoners mentality? Bah! These are smoke bombs designed to drive attention away from the real master. Oh how you’ve been misled by the media.

Pictured: YOU

I will now share a well kept secret known only to a select few deep in the basketball circles. In light of KG’s recent insensitive comments about Charlie Villanueva being a cancer to his team/real cancer patient (which he is) depending on whose version you believe, the time has come for the truth to come to light.

Throughout the years, one man has been silently flying under the radar when it comes to talks of subtle mind games. He won’t talk roundabout, indecipherable quotes like Phil. Nope. He won’t take your team apart with tunnel vision focus like Kobe. No sir. His modus operandi is to get inside his opponents head, mess with it, and get out. Whilst in their heads, he will gently prod and nudge their thoughts to change shape according to his purpose. It is said that the deepest and most profound philosophies are often the simplest ones. This holds true for KG’s mind games. His method is simple and can be summed up in one word:


Of course, it’s not limited to that. There’s also scream, cuss, berate, rile, scoff, bare teeth, spit, punch, growl and howl (thank his Timberwolves days for that, partly for the wolves connection and partly for excessive losses resulting in a sour disposition).

This method is tried and true, and simple to boot. To sum up:
- get into their heads
- mess about
- get out

To do so, all you need is to be intense multiplied infinity times 24/7. I’ve included a visual guide to it.

A picture speaks a thousand words. I’ll let these pictures talk for themselves. Even though all they say is yell, yell, yell, **** and ******!!!

Get that extra mental edge over your opponents! Yell your way to victory!


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