New ODI rules in place

New ODI Rules

- Two new balls to be used from both the ends.

- The bowling Powerplay has been scrapped and the batting Powerplay must be completed before the 40th over.

- A maximum of four players allowed outside the circle in non-Powerplay overs.

Other Rules

- Captains to be suspended after only two over-rate breaches in a year, as opposed to the existing three.

- Batsmen can be dismissed obstructing the field if they change their course while running to prevent a run-out chance.

- No runners in international cricket

- Bowlers will be allowed to run out a non-striker backing up unfairly.

19th Match - Pool B - ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
RSA 408/5 151/10 WI
South Africa won by 257 runs.
18th Match - Pool A - ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
BAN 240/10 332/1 SL
Srilanka won by 92 runs.