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FIFA 15: Game Review


FIFA 15: Game Review

fifa 15 review
Eden Hazard in FIFA 15

After reviewing the demo a week or so back, we have finally got our hands on the full version. FIFA 15 is out for some places, coming out in some and out in a few days for others. We were one of the lucky ones. First things first, everyone knows just how awesome FIFA 14 was, so everybody must be wondering how the beautiful game could have gotten more beautiful. The changes are subtle, especially during the game-play view, but still very impressive.

EA has always been known for delivering quality in their games, and over the years, their FIFA franchise has been a shining example of that. FIFA 15 actually raises the bar higher, something EA should be commended for. The depth and accuracy of details and enjoyable, easy to pick up game-play captivates both football experts and everyday gamers. Truly, it is a game for the world to play.


When it comes to graphics, they have definitely gone one up from FIFA 14. Although not so noticeable during standard play due to the camera view and the distance, it’s when you get up close and personal during replays that you truly see how amazing it is. Right from the shirt tugs by players to the splashing of water as players run on rainy conditions. Furthermore, as the game progresses, one can see the jerseys of players getting dirtier after every tackle and the pitch itself wearing down as the match plays on. Look close enough and you can actually notice players breathing, talking and their hair flying realistically as they vie for the ball. Another neat feature is the live advertisement boards that border the field. The ads actually move across and keep changing giving a more realistic feel to the game. Also, the player likeliness with their actual counterparts has been vastly improved from previous versions of the game.

fifa 15 review
The jerseys get dirtier as the match progresses

Commentary and crowd reactions

What’s really impressive about FIFA 15 is how realistic and up to date everything is. The commentators pipe in the latest of happenings in the football world and have a variety of sentences and phrases they use; a vast improvement from the dull, much repeated commentary in FIFA 14. Imagine starting a new match and listening to the commentary of either Martin Tyler and Alan Smith or Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, talking about the relevant happenings in world football such as, Carles Puyol retiring, Atletico Madrid clinching the title on the final day, or Jose Mourinho’s second spell without a trophy. It’s all there and spoken at the right moments.

The stadiums are much livelier with fans, singing and cheering their team with a whole host of chants and songs, groaning at missed shots and screaming at goals. Another really enjoyable bit is the emotions expressed by the players themselves. Tackle a player too often, and you may end up in a fight with him. Miss open chances and risk disgruntling your team-mates. This and much more awaits you in FIFA 15.

Players and fans react to goals or chances missed

Game Menu

The layout of the game menu does not change much except for one noteworthy feature. Now along with the other options in the start menu, you will also find a window. On this window, you will get all the live and actual updates and articles written about your favourite team (which you would have chosen in the beginning) from Goal.com, one of the world’s leading football websites. The window is powered by Goal.com and you will regularly receive actual news about your favourite team as well as an option to play the next match that your team will be playing. This way, even if your team actually loses, the virtual world could give you different results.

The main bit of game modes in FIFA 15 includes the standard career mode, where you can be a player or a manager, and the famous FIFA Ultimate Team. The career mode is expansive, letting managers to not only run their club, but if played well, be chosen to manage their national side. Similarly, if you play as a pro you could be sent on loans to other clubs where you improve and try to cement a starting spot on your original club.

For those who still don’t know, Ultimate Team is EA’s marquee micro-transaction mode, in which gamers buy packs of cards that have various players to improve their team, either with real cash or in-game currency. FIFA 15 does a stellar job of laying out the intricate details of this mode and explaining them. They teach players how to maximize chemistry and even shows you the benefits with a stacked team having 100% chemistry, before you build your own ultimate team. This works as a strong motivator and shows how good a team can be given enough effort.

Game Control

In FIFA 14, the movement of players seemed somewhat restricted and tough, like players were tied to heavy chains but all of that has been changed in FIFA 15. The movements of players are more fluid and realistic. The controls don’t feel restrictive and movement becomes easier in the game, allowing us to do so much more. Coupled with this is the improvement in passing, which feels crisp and accurate, and more realistic than ever before. EA has also put in a lot of work for in skills and dribbling in the game. Players can now do more impressive tricks and manoeuvre through defences with precise dribbling abilities. The dribbling feels realistic and is better than how it was in the previous games.

fifa 15 review
Paris Saint German vs Liverpool

However, as with everything in life, not all can be perfect.  There were a few things we wouldn’t have missed if they not been included but nothing big enough to tarnish the game.


First of all would be the super-keepers in the game. Due to change in game-play and much improvement in the movement, positioning and diving of goal-keepers, they are now a mountain of a task to overcome. You can have the most brilliant play that rips defences open, only to have your shot superbly saved by the keeper. Similarly, shooting is also tougher in the game, with shots from outside the box, less likely to go in then how it did in FIFA 14. These are all the complaints that this game has so far and even these can’t really be looked at as shortcomings, with many people saying that the game just got more realistic and tougher.

Verdict- 8.5/10

All in all, FIFA 15 is best football gaming experience out in the world today and really makes you feel the passion of the beautiful game! It is massive; it is beautiful and mind-numbingly entertaining. A definite must-have for not just gamers but for lovers of the beautiful game worldwide.

Buy FIFA 15 in India here

Buy FIFA 15 in India here

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