On the lunch Menu: Paul, The Octopus

Octi has infact confessed in the media that his future lies in the catering business!

Caution/Disclaimer: All intended in good humour.

In times when great pundits have failed with there predictions a chotu octopus called Paul has hogged all the limelight with his accurate (really?) predictions. Nobody knew poor Paul the Octopus (or Squid?) before the Argentina vs Germany game but now he is much more famous than Tom Cruise is in the United States of America. We however are pretty sure that the eight-legged creature is certainly not that good at football!

Octi has infact confessed in the media that his future lies in the catering business!

Paul (which is a funny name for an octopus) , correctly predicted the outcome of the Germany vs Argentina game and has since been hounded by media men, paparazzi and fine young ladies (who apparently find that ugly thing cute). The jig with Octi (as i will hence forth like to call him) is that he has a brilliant eye for the future. He is psychic and can see the game prior to the BBC telecast.

BBC media man George “the funk” Looney was quoted saying on Octi : ” That ugly little thing is feeding into our business, all he does is sit on a box (see video) and people tend to believe him. Andy Gray is upset that his views are being diminished in light of the Spain vs Germany match, all to the fault of Paul, the octopus”.

Sky Sports has sent an offer letter to Paul the octopus, asking for its services for the final game on an undisclosed fee. Pundits at Sky sports are not happy that the Octopus is stealing their show. They believe that the prediction was just a flash in the pan.

Meanwhile, Octi has defied his critics by going on to choose Spain as favorites for the game against Germany. Octi took the decision after he had dream (psychic sixth sense/ prophecy/gut feel/intuition) in which he saw Fernando Torres score for Spain. After Octi had already made his predictions known worldwide it was shocked to know that it was actually watching the highlights of Euro 2008 final and it was no intuition.

In case the prediction goes awry (which it will), a Chinese restaurant is interested in the Octi deal. So, Paul’s future is secure after Sky sports. It is known that the Argentina high commision are also interested in having Octi’s services in the lunch menu. Paul the Octopus meanwhile is enjoying the attention he deserves. After all eight legs are not a small deal!

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