Elite Football League of India ropes in 10 universities


The Elite Football League of India was launched in an attempt to popularize the immensely famous global game in India. The initiative has taken giant strides, as they have roped in 10 universities across India to compete in the League.

The announcement was made by Chief Operating Officer of EFLI Movva Venkatesh at the Astro Turf Police hockey ground in Begumpet on Wednesday.

“We are launching the first 10 university teams today and spreading the game to other universities as well. The rate at which the game is growing, we will have 30 to 40 universities in three to four months,” he said.

The CEO went on to say that they will also hold a university championship prior to the commencement of the league.

“We are planning to have a university championship by the early 2014 before the EFLI season,” Venkatesh added.

The EFLI has taken it upon themselves to provide the necessary facilities to the universities for the benefit of the players.

“We are providing infrastructure and coaching facilities to the universities. We are also planning to promote the game by introducing it in high schools and colleges so that the young generation will get benefit from this,” Venkatesh said.

US Super Bowl star Kurt Warner, who was present at the announcement, was excited about the prospects of the league, and declared that he is certain the sport will be a hit with the Indians.

He said, “I have no doubt about it. I am sure Indians are good and the game not only requires physical stamina but also mental strength. And what I have seen so far is very impressive.”

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