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10 Essential items to carry while trekking

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Trekking is no longer a leisure activity. It is being taken very seriously these days to the extent that many are making it a profession. But in order to be a good trekker you require the assistance of a few items. This article will make you one step closer to becoming a better and a more professional trekker.

1. Windcheater


As the name suggests, this jacket cheats the wind. As you trek higher in altitude the windcheater cuts the wind thus making you feel warmer and making it easier for you to walk as the wind isnt there to slow you down. A windcheater is also waterproof, hence it protects you from rainfall or even snowfall! So if you have a windcheater there is nothing to stop you from trekking. It is a must have for every mountaineer.

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2. Waterproof Hiking Boots

Waterproof Hiking Boots

These are not like your everyday shoes. Hiking boots are cushioned from the inside to make your feet feel warmer as you go higher in altitude.They are slightly heavier than your everyday sneakers, this is because they generally have spokes on their soles to give you a better grip when you trek on rocky terrains.Hiking boots are also generally waterproof so that when you trek on snow your feet don’t get wet or even worse get frostbite! To make sure you have a pleasurable experience while trekking hiking boots are a must.

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3. Tents


When you go trekking you go to remote places where there aren’t any hotels, resorts or guest houses where you can stay. So in such cases you are compelled to make your own accommodation and this is where tents come in handy. They are easily portable as you can dismantle them and can carry them very easily with you. Also you can pitch tents almost anywhere so whenever you get tired from walking you can always just pitch a tent and spend the night there. Most tents are waterproof, so you are protected from any sort of rainfall or snowfall.

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4. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

These are a must while trekking. When you pitch a tent the ground beneath you is rocky, uneven or even wet. And sleeping will not come too easy if you have to sleep over thorns, rocks or dew. So a sleeping bag acts like a matress cum blanket. You unzip a sleeping bag and get inside it. So the bottom part of it acts like a matress and the top half like a blanket! A sleeping bag is extremely light to carry and even more portable than a tent. Also if the weather is nice you can get out of your tent and sleep in the open with just your sleeping bag.

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5. Rucksack


When you go trekking you cannot carry a suitcase. You have to carry something which is easy to manage and which will fit in your sleeping bag, tents and all your mountaineering gear. That’s where a rucksack comes to play. It is light and extremely easy to carry. A rucksack is also very spacious with many zips and pockets. Thus all your sleeping bags, clothes, shoes and other gear will easily fit into this.

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6. Headlamp


A headlamp is a torch except its hands-free! This is one of the coolest mountaineering equipments ever because it works as a torch yet you dont hold it, it just fits over your head like a headband. So any kind of work which you do while trekking at night such as cooking, pitching a tent or anything which requires light to do all you need is a headlamp. For enthusiastic trekkers who want to trek at night as well a headlamp is a must.

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7. Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk

While trekking you get tired and need a lot of energy as it is an extremely strenuous activity. And while trekking it is not feasible to carry a lot of food to give you that energy. Thus, there is always condensed milk. This gives you instant energy full of carbohydrates, fats and sodium to make sure your energy levels stay high. A plus point being it is extremely yummy! Easy to carry and yummy to eat, a tin of condensed milk is in every trekker’s rucksack.

8. Trekking Pole

Trekking Pole

While trekking the terrain can get extremely uneven and uncertain. And to conquer such terrains takes a lot of effort and tires one out easily. Thus to make it easier to walk and conquer such terrains a trekking pole is the best idea. A trekking pole gives you additional support and balance and thus makes it easier for you to walk. It also has a cushioned handle which makes it easy to hold.

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9. Sugar Boiled Sweets

Sugar Boiled Sweets

While trekking you sometimes require energy and opening a can of condensed milk while walking isnt the most convenient option. Thus a packet of sugar boiled sweets is the best idea while trekking. Not only does it give instant energy but even if someone feels unwell or nauseous as they go higher in altitude sucking on sugar boiled sweets is the best bet. It gives you a nice flavour in your mouth and is extremely easy to open and pop in your mouth. So while trekking a few sugar boiled sweets in your pocket can make the entire experience even more enjoyable!

10. Carabiners


When you go trekking you carry a lot of equipment and to carry all this equipment carabiners are required to bind them together. If you are attempting an extremely technical climb then ropes are required to give you additional support and ropes can only be used if there are carabiners. Even while cooking a carabiner is extremely convenient to use to keep a check on the cutlery. Thus, carabiners are extremely essential and useful for trekking.

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