What is the average salary of CFL players? Exploring salary structure in Canadian Football League

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What is the average salary of CFL players?

Although the earnings of players in the CFL aren't as high as those in the NFL, they can still command a high salary. Neither the Canadian Football League nor the teams make available to the public the average wage of players per season or per game.

Nevertheless, there's still some information accessible on CFL player salaries. The average yearly salary for CFL players is estimated to be between $60,000 and $100,000 CAD, depending on position, experience and performance. Rookies in the league start out making roughly $35,000 and gradually increase as their careers progress.

Some pro players in the CFL can also earn six figures a year; some of the best contracts can reach over $400,000.

It's not surprising that quarterbacks, who are thought to be the most important position in football, earn the highest salaries in the CFL. It's also important to remember that player contracts have a maximum value that account for additional bonuses and allowances.

Sporting News reports that Zach Collaros, the quarterback for Winnipeg, has the highest CFL deal. He's the only player in the league whose paycheck is assured to be at least $600,000.

Comparing the average CFL and NFL salaries

It's important to note that the CFL and the NFL pay are not at the same level. Although the highest-paid CFL players might make six figures a year, their earnings are typically less than those of the NFL.

The average salary for a roster place in the CFL in 2023 was approximately $100,000 (Canadian dollars), while the estimated average wage in the NFL was $2.8 million (U.S. dollars).

Quarterbacks are typically the team members with the highest salaries in both the NFL and the CFL. Wide receivers in the NFL made $2.8 million on average in 2022 compared to quarterbacks who made almost $7 million on average.

The NFL's special team members have the lowest average wage, averaging slightly over $2.7 million annually. It may surprise many to learn that running backs are the second-lowest paid players.

The minimum wage for an NFL player in 2023 was $750,000; this amount was only applicable to rookies in their first season.

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