Road Dogg had some harsh words this week

Road Dogg rips into WWE veteran for lacking character; says he wouldn't have made it without attitude or mic skills  

Wrestling veteran Road Dogg recently spoke about a former WWE Champion's lack of character

CM Punk has been away from the pro-wrestling scene since the infamous 'Brawl Out' incident. His heated comments at the All Out media scrum in September last year proved to be the catalyst for a backstage brawl, leading to several suspensions.


Despite his status as a controversial star, some of his harshest critics still acknowledge his talent as a pro wrestler. In a recent episode of his Oh… You Didn’t Know? podcast, Road Dogg spoke about how Punk's persona helped him gain success.

“I think Punk’s a great example of a guy that if you just went with wrestler, wrestler, wrestler, wouldn’t have made it without the attitude, mic skills and I don’t want to say character because Punk was never really a character, he was just himself, but he’s good at it... He made people tune in and get behind it. I don’t have to like you, take you out for dinner [to work with you].” (H/T: WrestleTalk)
i miss cm punk’s villain era

The WWE Executive also commented on CM Punk potentially making a return

Road Dogg apparently thinks the Second City Saint could return to the pro-wrestling scene.


During the same podcast, the DX member further explained that despite all his flaws, Punk was a 'needle mover' in the business. He further stated that WWE could bring back the controversial star if it was profitable for them.

"Never say never with these guys," he said in an "Oh...You Didn't Know" live exclusive. "They will give you a second chance. [WWE] will give you an opportunity if it's business savvy, and bringing him back might be. The reason it might be is because he's a needle mover." [H/T: Wrestling Inc]
At least we got to see CM Punk and Jon Moxley team up once in AEW 🥲

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for CM Punk.


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