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  • 4 times Ino used her Jutsu wisely in Naruto (& 4 times she didn’t)
Ino Yamanaka during the Fourth Shinobi World War (Image via Naruto)

4 times Ino used her Jutsu wisely in Naruto (& 4 times she didn’t)

In Naruto, Ino is a kunochi who strives to be a great ninja. She comes from a clan of ninja who have the power of mind control, so her Justu ability is already impressive enough.

However, her ways aren't steadfast and even her Justus can fail. The issue may not be the dojutsu itself, but perhaps the wielder itself. The powers of the ninjutsu can either make or break a Shinobi. Nothing but ruin awaits such a ninja if they lack the chakra control.


Four Times Ino used her Jutsu wisely, including the sealing of the Three Tails in Naruto

1) Chunnin Exams

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12:39 PM · Feb 13, 2020

Ino and her team were in the Forest of Death when they witnessed Team 7 being obliterated by an Oto ninja, Kin. She uses the Mind Body Switch on the latter.


However, Ino's body was left vulnerable while she was possessing Kin. It was intelligent that she took such a vulnerable position in order to enact such a powerful jutsu.

2) Ino vs Sakura


Ino and Sakura were forced to battle each other in a match during the exams. During the fight, Ino pretended to grow angry at Sakura and cut her hair. Her hair were imbued with chakra, which binded Sakura.

Bound by chakra stronger than her own, Sakura became possessed. This was incredibly wise of Ino as no one suspected that she could create a chakra rope in such a way.

3) Controlling Hawks

She has the ability to control animals (Image via Naruto)

After Asuma was killed by the Akatsuki, Shikimaru created a plan to avenge him. Ino used Mind Body Switch Technique on a hawk in order to locate Hiden and Kakuzu.

Ino was not only successfully able to bind a hawk but also found the Akatsuki.

4) Sealing the Three Tails

The Three Tails is sealed (Image via Naruto)

Ino was assigned to a team along with Shizune, Tenten, and Lee in order to seal the Three Tailed Beast. They located the beast with help of a corresponding team.

Ino helped seal the Three Tails using specific ninjutsu. At this point her chakra control was close to perfection so it was very wise of her to train it so well. In the end, she helped seal the Beast and showcased her intellect.

4 Times she didn't use her Justu Wisely in Naruto

5) Sakura exorcised Ino

Sakura vs Ino (Image via Naruto)

When Sakura was bound by the Mind Body Switch technique, all Hope seemed to be lost to her. Her struggles were in vain as she failed to overcome the Jutsu. However, Naruto screamed that he believed in her.

Sakura was then able to exorcize Ino, thus breaking the Justu. It was unwise of Ino not to train her Jutsu so that they cannot be easily broken.

6) Failed Possession

Ino Yamanaka (Image via Naruto)

Sora was infused with the chakra of the Nine Tails. His powers were unleashed during another attack on the Hidden Leaf village, where Ino was deployed to battle against them.

Ino attempted to possess him, however she failed miserably. Her powers did not work because, his soul had effectively left him so there was nothing to possess. Eventually others had to intervene to bring an end to the situation.

7) Genno's Will cancels her Jutsu

Genno was formidable (Image via Naruto)

Genno was a Trap Master who sought to destroy the Hidden Leaf. He infiltrated the village but was eventually discovered by higher authorities. Ino and the other ninja were deployed to intercept him.

Ino attempted a Mind Swap Justu, but once she entered his conscience, her body felt so much pain that she canceled it. This is a failure on her part because she wasn't adept enough to counteract his will.

8) Ino and Asuma


Ino and the rest of her team were deployed for a mission, where they encountered the two Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu, who attacked Asuma. However, Asuma was fatally wounded and collapsed. Ino used medical ninjutsu on him but failed because his wounds were too severe. Despite trying her best she considered this her failure since Asuma eventually passes away.

Naruto as a series introduces vast characters who strive towards achievements that they themselves may never reach. Several characters never saw Ino as a competent Kinochi, though her talent says otherwise.

Ino was just another character who fell more times than she could count, but still rose.


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