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With Cobra now in Imu's sights, fans are worried that the formers death could occur at any given moment (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece chapter 1085: Major spoilers to expect

Following the latest events in author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda's manga series, fans are looking for any and all spoilers on One Piece chapter 1085. Unfortunately, with the series on break this week, fans will have to wait until next weekend for the issue’s official release via Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Thankfully, the spoiler process for One Piece chapter 1085 is set to imminently begin, with early-week hints from lead series leaker Redon typically signaling the start of this process. By mid-week, fans should get a detailed overview of the issue as well as access to its purported raw scans.


However, there are fans who can't wait for the series' so-called spoilers and raw scans to be disclosed, already discussing what the issue's main themes will be. With One Piece chapter 1085 likely to continue Sabo’s Reverie flashback, there are at least a few key plot points fans can expect the upcoming issue to highlight.

One Piece chapter 1085 likely to provide information on Imu, possibly even show Cobra’s assassination


For starters, One Piece chapter 1085 will undoubtedly continue Sabo’s Reverie flashback. With the last two issues focusing on it exclusively, it simply wouldn’t make sense for Oda to shift perspectives now of all times. Furthermore, given that the previous release ended with Imu uttering Lily Nefertari's name, it's likely that his imminent conversation with Cobra Nefertari will take center stage.


Within this conversation, fans can expect to learn a few key things. First and foremost, the exact nature of how Imu frames his knowledge of Lily Nefertari and her fate could be very telling. For example, if Imu tells Cobra that he's heard of Lily’s eventual fate, whether such knowledge was passed down to him or otherwise, it could disprove a popular fan theory that Imu is immortal.

However, if Imu seemingly speaks of Lily with a first-person perspective, it not only keeps this fan theory alive but could be interpreted as supporting evidence for it. With One Piece chapter 1085 all but guaranteed to see Imu continue conversing with Cobra, it’s essentially a foregone conclusion that something of this nature will be revealed or implied.

What Cobra should've done when he saw the Imu sit on the throne


Likewise, the issue may also reveal something about Imu’s exact motivations and goals, which are still largely unknown. Considering that this is a flashback and Cobra dies at some point after the looming conversation, it allows Imu to speak of himself freely. This is especially likely considering that Imu is almost certainly the one who ordered Cobra’s assassination.


While it would be great for One Piece chapter 1085 to focus exclusively on Imu and Cobra’s conversation, this is somewhat unlikely. While this isn’t Oda’s writing style in general, the way in which the flashback has been written thus far further supports this hypothesis. Conversely, this could be the perfect opportunity for Oda to subvert reader expectations by doing a pure lore-dump chapter.

Finally, fans can expect the issue to end on another cliffhanger of some sorts. The two most likely are either Cobra’s death and Sabo’s need to escape, or a major piece of information about Imu and/or Lily Nefertari being revealed. However, this is all purely speculative, with the alleged spoilers and raw scans being the first to delve far into the storyline.

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