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Possible reasons as to why Nezuko cannot speak in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)

Why Nezuko can't talk in Demon Slayer: Exploring fan theories

Demon Slayer is a popular shonen anime and manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. This series is quite popular for its well-designed characters, which are extremely likable. One such character is Nezuko, a fan-favorite in this series.

Despite the manga’s completion, fans are left restless as some questions have been unanswered. To this day, fans want to understand why Nezuko cannot talk in Demon Slayer. This article explores fan theories that could serve as an explanation for Nezuko’s inability to talk.


Nezuko’s inability to talk in Demon Slayer


Some fans believe that Nezuko cannot talk because she lost her cognitive abilities when she turned into a demon. For demons to regain some of their lost cognitive abilities, one must consume human flesh. This is something Nezuko did not do when she was a demon. Urokodaki also used hypnosis to condition Nezuko’s mind, tricking her into thinking that all humans are her family and that demons are her enemy.

Another exciting take by Demon Slayer fans is to look at the series through the lens of religion. In Japan, Shinto and Buddhism are the two main religions followed. The series has elements inspired by legends and epics. A vow of silence is taken by monks to condition their mind, be aware of what they say and avoid negative thoughts and strengthen their spirituality.


One such Redditor explains the reason for Nezuko’s silence from this perspective. Nezuko’s silence could be a symbolic representation of her fight against her demonic instincts to consume human flesh and the sheer will power to retain her humanity. Silence can be looked at as a tool to enhance spiritual growth, inner peace and mental strength.

These qualities are essential for someone like Nezuko, a demon, a demon-fighting against her very survival instincts. She cannot afford to slip up even once as Urokodaki and Tomioka’s lives are at stake. They promised to commit seppuku and kill themselves if Nezuko was responsible for the death of a single human being.

Note: It is important to understand that the article merely explores fan theories which could serve as possible explanations for Nezuko’s inability to talk in Demon Slayer. The manga has not explicitly mentioned the actual reason and therefore, the information is speculative.

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