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Top 5 guns to try after BGMI unban

Krafton is all set to re-release its popular battle royale title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The game will make a comeback after nine months, as it was banned in July 2022 by the Indian government. Gamers can expect a similar set of weapons as before, and many new guns will likely get added soon after the gaming title is made available. However, with such a large armory, It could be hard for you to choose the best gun to get more kills and chicken dinners.

This article discusses the five best guns to check out after BGMI gets unbanned in the country.


Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

MG3 and the four other guns to try after BGMI unban


5) DBS


The DBS is one of the trendiest weapons in BGMI. The gun is suitable for close-range battles and 1v3 or 1v4 clutch situations with its powerful shots. You get an impressive ammunition capacity (for a shotgun) of 14 bullets per round, and its bullet spread makes it deadly in close-quarter fights. It has the highest ammunition holding capacity among all available shotguns in the title.

The DBS is available in all maps as open loot, but it was initially exclusive to airdrops. You can see a lot of competitive and pro players using the DBS in gunfights. However, the weapon requires good aim, as you must land one or two shots quickly to knock down an opponent.

4) UMP45


The UMP45 is another popular weapon that is widely used in the BGMI community. Its accurate hip fire has made it the perfect gun for close-range battles with improved damage per hit. The weapon uses .45 ACP bullets and is a good option for beginners.


The gun is readily available as open loot on all available maps of the title, including Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. You can use attachments like a suppressor and laser sight to decrease its bullet spread and an extended magazine to increase the ammunition size from 25 ammunition to 35 shells per round.

3) M416


The M416 is one of the most versatile weapons with a massive fan following in BGMI. Players mainly utilize the gun for single-tap long-range shots and mid-range spray transfers. You can equip various accessories to additionally improve its stability and performance.

With a base damage of 41 hitpoints, you can also use the rifle in close-range gunfights. The most recommended attachments to use with the M416 are a half grip for better recoil control, an extended quickdraw magazine to increase ammunition capacity, and a compressor and tactical stock for enhanced steadiness.

2) AWM


The AWM is a top-tier sniper rifle in BGMI with incredible single-shot damage. The weapon can eliminate an opponent in a single shot, even one with a level 3 helmet. The gun is exclusive to airdrops and comes with five bullets per round.

You can use different attachments like extended quickdraw magazines to increase the bullet capacity to seven bullets per round. Other worthwhile attachments are a sniper suppressor to increase the stealth of the rifle and an 8x scope to spot enemies in long-range gunfights.

1) MG3


The MG3 is one of the most effective weapons in BGMI and is suitable for an aggressive playstyle. The gun offers a high fire rate, and its 7.62mm bullets can deal a lot of damage to opponents. It has an average base damage of 42 hitpoints and is a prominent alternative to LMGs like the M249 and DP-28 in BGMI.

However, the weapon is only available in airdrops, and you will have to either loot an airdrop or eliminate an opponent who has the weapon equipped. The gun comes with two firing modes, which are 660 and 990. You can use 660 fire mode for small bullet bursts and 990 for close-range battles.

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