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Alternate versions of Catwoman (Image via DC)

Top 5 alternate versions of Catwoman in the comics

In DC Comics, Catwoman is a very prominent character who plays a crucial part in Batman's journey as a vigilante. However, most comic book fans might be familiar with only one version of the fictional character.

You'd be surprised to learn that there are several versions of Catwoman in DC comics, and each one flaunts a different storyline. If you are intrigued to learn about these different versions, here is a list you might like.


The alternate versions of Catwoman who are equally powerful

5) Batwoman

Batwoman made her first appearance as Batman's love interest (Image via DC)

One night after getting rescued (from a mugging) by Batman, Kathy Kane decided to fight crime and protect Gothamites by taking the identity of Batwoman. The character was initially introduced as the love interest of the Caped Crusader in Detective Comics #233.


In DC Comics, Batwoman, aka Kathy Kane, appears to be a former military personnel, and she is capable enough to handle several explosive attacks. She also happens to be an excellent martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. Not only is she good at knocking down enemies in physical battles, but she can also manipulate anyone with her intellect.

Well, it is meaningless to compare Batwoman and Catwoman as both of them are dangerous in their own way.

4) Catwoman in Batman Beyond

This alternate version can make nine duplicates of herself (Image via DC)

This version of the comic book character is the daughter of the Multiplex villain, popularly known as Danton Black. For the unacquainted, Danton Black could create unlimited copies of himself and his daughter inherited the same powers. However, unlike her father, she can only create nine duplicates of herself. Interestingly, it is a brilliant nod to the myth of cats having nine lives.


Surprisingly, she used her powers well during the heists. She can also make her clones appear anywhere and then make them disappear at will. So, it gets complicated for others to figure out where the original Catwoman is at that moment.

Apart from that, Catwoman in Batman Beyond flexes an athletic build, so she is acrobatic like the other versions.

3) Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham

Selina has to protect Gothamites from the psychotic Batman (Image via DC)

When Selina Kyle's parents are brutally shot by some thugs, she decides to avenge their death. She decided to fight crime and save Gotham by becoming Catwoman. Selina had Batman's origin story in this comic issue.


The plot of the comic book is set in Elseworld's reality, where the superheroine appears to be the main character instead of Batman. Similar to Batman, she had a secret cave called Cat-cave. Apart from that, she had a butler named Brooks, who helped her fight crimes.

She also had all the amazing gadgets that made her a fearsome superhero of Gotham City. However, Batman is not the superhero of this Universe; he is the supervillain who Selina has to fight.

2) The Nail

Selina Kyle became Batwoman to support Batman after the death of his allies (Image via DC)

This version of Selina Kyle, or Catwoman, took on the title of Batwoman after the death of the original Batwoman and Robin.


Selina's transformation happened when the Joker created an escape plan for all the convicts of Arkham Asylum. At the time, Selina was in the Asylum, and she was overpowered by the Joker and other villains and knocked unconscious. When she returned to her senses, she found Batman fighting the Joker, and at that point, Robin and Batwoman were dead.

Bruce was grieving the death of his allies, so Selina helped him overcome his grief, and Batman finally defeated the Joker. However, even after the fight was won, Batman lost his will to fight. After the incident, Selina decided to take the title of Batwoman by wearing her costume and helping Batman in future fights.

1) Mrs. Wayne

This version of Selina Kyle was married to Bruce Wayne (Image via DC)

As the name implies, this version of Selina Kyle is married to Bruce Wayne. This happens after Selina becomes pregnant with Bruce's child. However, before Selina could act on the latest situation, she got kidnapped by Hush, and her life was put in danger. What is worse is that Selina could have also lost her child during those tragic events.


After that experience, Selina gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Following the birth of their child, Bruce and Selina got married, but Bruce continued to fight crime as Batman. So, instead of helping out Batman as Catwoman, Selina trained her daughter to help her father fight the upcoming threats.

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