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Ravichandran Ashwin flared up the Mankad argument.

5 most memorable Mankading moments in cricket history

Mankading a batsman is within the laws of cricket and hence is a perfectly legitimate form of dismissal.

However, notwithstanding the rulebook's mandate, whenever any bowler halts his action midway and clips the bails off, the cricketing fraternity is immediately cleaved into two spheres.


Opinions are starkly divided. Some portray the mode of dismissal as a 'cardinal sin' and against the gentleman' spirit of the game. But there are others who opine that it is 'within the laws of the game' and the bowler is not to be blamed.

5 Mankading incidents in cricket history

There's no denying the fact that since its inception, the Mankading has been a controversial mode of dismissal . In this list, we compile the five most memorable Mankading moments in cricket history that led to furrowed eyebrows and heated debates over the dismissal's ethical value:

1. Ravichandran Ashwin vs Jos Buttler, KXIP vs RR, IPL 2019

Ravichandran Ashwin mankads Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler had been at the receiving end of the Mankading dismissal in the past. But the England wicketkeeper batsman didn't seem to learn his lesson.

During KXIP's clash against RR in IPL 2019, Ravichandran Ashwin provided another Mankading instance. The bowler stopped midway through his bowling action and dislodged the bails to catch Buttler, who had casually left the non-striker's crease, napping.

A distraught Buttler minced no words as he trudged off the field reluctantly after the umpire adjudged him out mankaded.

Closer inspection of the incident's replays seemed to suggest Ravichandran Ashwin intentionally delayed the ball's release and waited for Buttler to step out before disturbing the furniture.

Nonetheless, the Mankading dismissal sparked controversies galore, with commentators and pundits terming the gesture as legal yet utterly disgraceful. Players across the globe jumped on the bandwagon and Ashwin's Twitter feed was bombarded with posts condemning the off-spinner on moral grounds.


2. Aamir Kaleem vs Mark Chapman, Hong Kong vs Oman, Asia Cup 2016

Ameer Kaleem mankads Mark Chapman

All-rounder Mark Chapman plied his trade for Hong Kong before moving to New Zealand for cricketing endeavours. Hong Kong were within touching distance of victory in the Asia Cup qualifier against Oman when Aamir Kaleem pulled the Mankading trick out of his bag.


Scampering to deliver the ball, the left-armer ceased his run-up on purpose and flicked the ball towards the stumps. Unaware of Kaleem's intentions, Chapman had nonchalantly left the popping crease and was declared out. Wickets tumbled in quick succession thereafter and Oman managed to squeeze a victory out of thin air.

The dismissal triggered quite a storm and was labeled as 'cowardly' by media groups as it robbed Hong Kong of an opportunity to qualify for the Asia Cup.

3. Keemo Paul vs Richard Ngarava, WI vs Zimbabwe, U-19 World Cup

Keemo Paul mankads Richard Ngarava.

Mankads are not restricted to international cricket. The 2016 U-19 World Cup also bore witness to some Mankad drama.

Zimbabwe, eyeing entry into the quarter-finals, stood on the cusp of triumph, needing only three runs off the final over. However, West Indies were still in the game as Zimbabwe only had a solitary wicket in hand.

Keemo Paul was given the responsibility of defending the target in the last over. He charged in and dislodged the bails instead of delivering the ball. In the process, Paul caught tailender Richard Ngarava short of his ground by the thinnest of margins.


Though West Indies emerged victorious, they received severe backlash from the cricketing fraternity for their seemingly unpopular tactics.

Darren Lehmann and Stephen Fleming reacted quickly on Twitter

4. Sachitra Senanayake vs Jos Buttler, 5th ODI, Sri Lanka in England 2014

Sachitra Senanayake mankads Jos Buttler

Sachitra Senanayake provoked the Mankading debate when he employed the rule to send Jos Buttler packing in the 2014 One-day series decider in Edgbaston.

Though Senanayake's gesture drew widespread criticism, the tourists were justifiable in their conduct as the left-arm spinner had warned Buttler twice to not leave the crease prematurely. Buttler was taking advantage of the Mankading rule in trying to steal a yard at the non-striker's end.

The wicketkeeper batsman later expressed his dejection at what happened in the post-match presser. Buttler conceded that he was at fault and should have waited for the bowler to release the ball.


5. Kapil Dev vs Peter Kirsten, 2nd ODI, India vs South Africa, 1992

Kapil Dev mankads Pieter Kirsten

You wouldn't expect the legendary Kapil Dev to be a part of the Mankading folklore. But even the veteran enjoyed his slice of the Mankading pie when South Africa's Peter Kirsten turned a deaf ear to repeated warnings.

South Africa were chasing a modest target of 147 in the second one-dayer of a seven-match ODI series in 1992.

Having just arrived at the crease, Kirsten was hunting for quick singles but was being overtly eager and venturing beyond the crease far too early. Despite being warned twice, Kirsten sauntered out of his crease for the third occasion and ultimately bore the ramifications of his misadventure as Dev removed the bails without missing a beat.

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