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2v2 Battles in Clash Royale: All you need to know 

As players know, the Supercell owned game 'Clash Royale' is an online multiplayer game, where players fight one-on-one using character cards.

One of the most recent additions to Clash Royale is the 2v2 battle, in which players have a teammate and compete against another team of two.


Battling with a teammate in Clash Royale

A 2v2 battle is a stress-free game in which players play with a teammate against another team of two players. Players can play with a friend, random teammate, or other members of your clan. 2v2 battles are an alternative to earning crowns for the ladder because there are no trophies involved.

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Players can either play a friendly 2v2 battle or a special event 2v2 battle to build strategies. Battles involving two teams of two players are known as 2v2. In a single Arena, all four players compete at the same time, with each team attempting to win more crowns than the other team to win the match, exactly like in traditional 1v1 battle.

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In a 2v2 battle, the King's Tower contains two cannons that have a special emblem with two crowns on it, and around 20% more health. Both cannons have a unique range of fire.

Players can see their teammate's deck momentarily at the start of the 2v2 battle, and they can see their teammate's cards during the game. This is extremely useful for coordinating attacks and defenses, and determining who will respond in an emergency defense situation.

During the 2v2 battle, Elixir collector will generate Elixir for the player who deployed it. Spells employed in battle, on the other hand, work for both players, even allowing friendly cards to boost.


Tips for 2v2 battles in Clash Royale

The 2v2 battle in Arena (Image via Sportskeeda)
  1. Create a good deck: 2v2 is a completely different game format, and players need to either create a new deck or change the current ladder deck to work better in 2v2 battle.
  2. Use a shield deck: If the teammate in a 2v2 battle is a friend or clan member, use the shield deck to defend the towers while the other player attacks the enemy towers.
  3. Spell and splash cards: Splash and spell cards will be twice as effective with double the number of cards on the field. These cards can deliver damage to multiple troops at once and are especially useful when combined with a Tornado trap.

Finally, 2v2 is a stress-free way to battle with random teammates, clanmates, and friends in Clash Royale. Create a unique 2v2 deck to coordinate well with your teammates.

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