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Champions in Clash Royale: All you need to know

As Clash Royale players know, Supercell recently added Champion cards to the game. Champion card rarity was introduced to the game in the November 2021 update. There are 3 Champion cards as of now: Archer Queen, Golden Knight and Skeleton King. Champions can only be unlocked when players reach King Tower level 14.

Champion cards are a bit different than cards of other rarities. They have special powers known as abilities which make them stand out among all the other cards. In this article, players are going to learn all about Champion cards.


A look at the Champion Cards in Clash Royale


Champions in Clash Royale have special powers, known as abilities, accessible from the bottom right side of the screen. These abilities cost Elixir to cast. They grant Champions a unique ability depending on the Champion and will only stay as long as the Champion is alive.

There are 3 Champions available at the moment:

Clash Royale Champions (Image via Clash Royale)

1) Archer Queen

In-game description:

“She is fast, deadly and hard to catch. Beware of her crossbow bolts and try not to blink - you might miss her!”

Archer Queen is a single-target ranged troop, who targets both ground and air units. The Archer Queen's ability makes her invisible and increases her attack speed for a short time. Archer Queen costs five elixirs to deploy and one extra for her ability.

2) Golden Knight

In-game description:

“A warrior with luxurious hair and outstanding flexibility. Demonstrates his aerobics skills on demand.”

Golden Knight is a single-target melee troop that targets ground units only. He has high Hit Points and pretty good Damage Per Second.

The Golden Knight's ability increases his movement speed when no enemies are nearby and causes him to dash into enemies. It costs four elixirs to play Golden Knight and one extra for his ability.


3) Skeleton King

In-game description:

“The King of the undead himself. He sometimes feels lonely (could be due to his non flattering features) and will summon friends to join him in the battle even after death. Tough guys have feelings too!”

Skeleton King is a splash-damage dealing melee troop with high Hit Points and average damage. While Skeleton King is in the Arena, any killed troop will turn into souls. Skeleton King collects these souls.

Skeleton King's ability to spawn skeletons around him depends on how many souls he has collected. It costs four elixirs to play Skeleton King and two elixirs for its ability.

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