5 games still coming to ps4 in 2023 (Image via Sony Interactive)

5 games still coming to PS4 in 2023

When the Playstation 4 (ps4) came out, it took a huge leap in graphics and performance. The console brought next-gen graphics and high refresh rates to the living rooms of many households. It had much more power than the PS3. The controller was also seen as an ergonomic upgrade.

Five games coming to ps4 in 2023

Upcoming games will still release on the PS4 (Image via Sony Interactive)

Unfortunately, the PS4 has been long surpassed by its successor, the PS5. It massively improves on the hardware side and performs a lot better. It also has many new features, including a new controller and an SSD instead of an HDD; however, the Playstation 4 can still keep up and has a great lineup of games coming in 2023. So here are five games that will come to the PS4 in 2023.


1. Dead Island 2


Dead Island 2 is expected to be released in April 2023 after almost a decade in development. It is a first-person shooter set in a sandbox. Players are tasked with killing and surviving an island full of zombies. It is as campy as zombie media can get and promises to bring the fun of mowing down hordes of dead creatures with wacky weapons.

2. Hogwarts Legacy


While there have been many Harry Potter games in the past, none have been as ambitious as Hogwarts legacy. It aims to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the world of magic schooling by letting them become students at the same school as Harry Potter.

It is a sandbox Role Playing Game (RPG) set in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Players will be able to explore the campus and attend classes. The school is said to have changed with the change in weather. It will be coming to PS4 and other platforms in February 2023.

3. Street Fighter 6


Street Fighter is a game that dominates the Fighting game community. It has a large fan following that watches and plays in tournaments. So far, the game has shown off amazing graphics and mechanics that fans are excited about. It will be available for the PS4 and other platforms from June 2023.

The game's graphics have evolved and can seamlessly blend realism with anime. On top of that, it has added graffiti effects to truly give the game a street vibe. Along with the look, the game introduces new drive mechanics to freshen up the gameplay.

4. Like a Dragon: Ishin!


The Yakuza series provides the unique experience of becoming a gangster in the streets of Japan. Like a dragon, it will offer a similar experience in the streets of Feudal Japan. This upcoming title follows the story of Sakamoto Ryoma as he searches for his mentor’s murderer and joins up with the Shinsengumi.

The gameplay promises a host of fun and interesting combat styles, captivating stories, and stunning graphics. it is expected to release in February 2023.

5. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


The title is meant to be a souls-like set in mythical China. The game will offer a deep combat system with various weapon types. There is a huge emphasis on punishing gameplay in all souls-like, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be no different. The enemies will be gruesome, levels will be labyrinthian, and much more. The game is said to release in March 2023.

The PS4 dominated its generation by providing great performance, UI, and an extensive library of games. The titles on the console made it undeniably the best of its generation, and while it has been dethroned, it still left a legacy behind.

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