Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty TGS Presentation - Gameplay, Lu Bu, Demo version, and more

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty showed off sharp gameplay, and a few bosses, including Lu Bu himself (Image via Koei Tecmo)
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty showed off sharp gameplay, and a few bosses, including Lu Bu himself (Image via Koei Tecmo)

One of the major highlights for Koei Tecmo in the ongoing TGS 2022 was Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. A great deal of extended gameplay was shown off across their approximately 20-minute reveal, with several of the developers participating in the discussion. The game showed off a demo version of one of the bosses, a member of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, as well as the ferocious Lu Bu astride his famed horse, Red Hare.

Perhaps even more interesting is that the demo will be available later today and will be playable for a limited time on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Here’s what was revealed by Team Ninja’s developers.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty showed off gameplay and bosses at TGS 2022

The developers called it a Chinese martial arts-based action game with elegant and speedy combat. Filled with tension, it’s set in the Later Han era of China, when the Han Dynasty was collapsing and various warlords were vying for power. The player in question is going to be a nameless soldier, trying to make his way through this chaotic and dark time.

Team Ninja showed off a few areas of the game that had striking visuals and foes familiar, which may seem familiar to fans of the Three Kingdoms games. The demo that was shown featured Yellow Turban Rebellion soldiers and one of their generals as the boss. The team did not state the name of the boss, but it could have been one of the Zhang brothers, who led the rebellion.

The kill animations and stealth attacks looked decidedly brutal. Parry and deflection systems were also showcased, and it was noted that they require precision and skill. Several era-appropriate weapons will be available in-game, alongside some more traditional Chinese weapons. Players can also dual wield, which was briefly demonstrated.

Players need to grow stronger with the “campfire” area, familiar to many Soulslike fans, but this one involves planting a flag. Players will have to conquer the area they’re in and then plant their flag. This is where they level up, increase their five stats, and more.

The stats were not named, but it was said that players have flexibility and freedom in how they level up. While the first boss, a member of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, was rather intimidating with his massive mace, he was nothing in comparison to Lu Bu.

“Among men, Lu Bu. Among horses, Red Hare.”

This quote was mentioned in the presentation of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and it was used in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. Lu Bu zi Fengxian, the Flying General, was on display in all his glory.

He was a warrior with no equals, and in battle, starts off mounted on his mighty steed, Red Hare. The developers of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty also stated that the battle in question was towards the middle to late game, so it could take place at the Battle of Xiapi, where Lu Bu was ultimately defeated.

The battle was fierce and relentless, and the developers revealed that, although Lu Bu can be dismounted, it does not change how powerful he is. The final interesting bit of information is that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will have a beta test, starting today.

It will begin from September 16 at 4:00 am PDT and will run through September 26, 2022. This will only be available for PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms, and for a limited period of time. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released in 2023, but there is currently no confirmed release date.