Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is soulslike take on China's Later Han era from Nioh developers, arriving Day 1 on Game Pass

Team Ninja's first look at its brand new game (Image via Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty)
Team Ninja's first look at its brand new game (Image via Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty)

Team Ninja, the developers of the Nioh franchise, announced during the Xbox Bethesda Games showcase on Sunday that a brand new soulslike title is set for release in 2023, known as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It is the studio's first take on Chinese history, set around the Later Han era.

Even though the developers only showcased a trailer, there is no doubt that the game looks fabulous. The trailer had unmistakable similarities to Nioh but, at the same time, had several distinct differences when it came to the setting and era.

In any case, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will come out in 2023, and Xbox Game Pass owners will get to play it on Day 1 itself. However, no proper release date has been provided as of yet.


Team Ninja's latest title, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, will be presided over by Nioh's Fumihiko Yasuda and Bloodborne's Masaaki Yamagiwa

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is probably another game in the long list of soulslike titles that will have fans in awe. Until this point, every major soulslike title by Team Ninja has been a hit, and there is no doubt the developers will love to keep their perfect record intact.

In fact, if fans check the two people who will preside over its development, they will be more than happy. As per initial information, the director of the Nioh series Fumihiko Yasuda and Bloodborne's game producer Masaaki Yamagiwa will be involved in the development process.

Thus, it is a cross between Nioh and Bloodborne, always a massive win for any soulslike fan. Obviously, fans would still love to see proper gameplay, but considering Team Ninja's history, there will be several instances of the same before the 2023 release.

In any case, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty by Team Ninja will now focus on China's Later Han period. As the game description mentions, the Three Kingdoms have been engulfed by demons, and it is up to players to find a solution to this problem.

The Three Kingdoms basically refers to somewhere around 220 to 280 AD in China. Obviously, users can find a lot of historical references to this period, though once the game releases, they will get acquainted with it in all probability.

Apart from that, several things like the text, the golden dragon, and several other details had imperial China written all over. Thus, with all this combined, gamers are bound to feel hyped for the release of this game.

Unfortunately, an official release date has not been provided, and there is a chance fans will not get it before the winter of 2022. In any case, the silver lining is that Xbox Game Pass owners get to play it on Day 1, something that will make many fans happy.