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The inclusion of two main characters has the potential to improve the game's overall quality (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

How is Remedy Entertainment expanding on the future of the Alan Wake franchise?

Alan Wake 2 has generated buzz and excitement among horror game enthusiasts, with players eagerly seeking additional information about the game. Developers Remedy Entertainment recently unveiled a video introducing the latest character in the series, named "Saga." The developers have also shared some insights into Saga's persona, her role as an FBI agent within the game, and her connection to the game's narrative.

Taking on the role of Saga will offer players a distinct narrative experience while deepening their comprehension of how her presence enhances the game's tone and storytelling. The inclusion of two main characters has the potential to improve the game's overall quality, and it will be intriguing to witness how Remedy Entertainment is shaping the future of the storyline.


Remedy Entertainment has also disclosed its intention to introduce an extraordinary gameplay experience to engage newcomers and players familiar with the franchise. Creative director Sam Lake has additionally shared insights into the character's roles, suggesting that the game will mesmerize players through its profound storytelling and elements of psychological horror.

Alan Wake 2: Campaign and the main protagonists


The game is set to introduce two campaigns with two main characters, namely Alan Wake and a new one named Saga. The latter is an FBI officer investigating a series of gruesome murders unfolding in Bright Falls.


Like other horror games, exploration plays a vital role in Alan Wake 2, allowing players to delve into various areas in search of clues and unravel mysteries. Including two protagonists enriches the franchise's narrative, as Alan's and Saga's stories are interconnected. The outcomes and choices made by both characters will shape the franchise's direction, providing a new and intriguing path.

Remedy Entertainment has revealed that there will be two interconnected worlds, with Sam Lake also mentioning the significance of "twos." As a result, the game's two protagonists and narrative have the potential to present multiple scenarios that contribute to the future progression of the franchise.

The two protagonists in Alan Wake 2 (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

Including two main characters effectively captivates newcomers eager to explore the world of Alan Wake. Additionally, it will be intriguing to observe how Saga contributes to character development and the overall narrative. As a mother and an FBI officer, her character will give players a unique and fresh experience, enhancing the narrative.


In a horror game, the characters' reactions to specific situations play a vital role in establishing the sense of horror and setting the narrative tone. By playing as a detective who possesses charisma, confidence, and the role of a mother, players will experience a bold and fearless persona navigating the realm of psychological horror.

Saga's character is such that she has the potential to offer players a more heroic perspective, allowing them to engage with her and heighten the intrigue as they progress through each level.

When is Alan awake 2 releasing?


The upcoming psychological horror game Alan Wake 2 is slated for release on October 17, 2023, and will be accessible on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. The game strongly emphasizes exploration, allowing players to venture into various areas. Consequently, the game will incorporate atmospheric horror elements, instilling a sense of suspense and apprehension about what lies ahead.

Traversing the game's jungles will evoke a feeling of being observed, heightening the levels of terror. In summary, Alan Wake 2 strives to deliver an immersive psychological horror gaming experience to players by means of its captivating narrative campaigns and survival horror mechanics.

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