Horror Games

Last Modified Mar 14, 2022 08:29 GMT

A horror game is a type of video game that is based on horror fiction and is intended to scare the player. When done correctly, these gaming experiences stick with you long after you've finished playing. Horror games, like science fiction or fantasy games, are almost always based on a narrative or visual presentation. Survival horror games are one of the most well-defined and widely available types of horror games.

Another sub-category of Horror is action horror games incorporate more action elements from first-person and third-person shooter games and are used in conjunction with survival horror themes. Psychological horror games, which are often regarded as the most engaging due to their storytelling, are intended to frighten the player through emotional, mental, or psychological states. Similarly, jump scares games, as the name implies, are horror games that are designed to surprise or shock the player when they least expect it. In reverse horror games, the player scares others rather than being scared.

Some of the best Horror Genre titles:

Resident Evil Village

The Evil Within 2

Condemned: Criminal Origins

System Shock 2

Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Dead Space

Stories Untold