Cristiano Ronaldo has the most iconic celebration in sports (Images via EA Sports and Getty Images)

How to do 'SIUU' in FIFA 23 and celebrate like Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic 'Siuu' celebration can be recreated in FIFA 23, and fans will be eager to learn how to celebrate in style like their idol. This is by far the most legendary and popular celebration in the sporting world and has been performed by many athletes paying homage to the Portuguese marksman.

Ronaldo first came up with this spectacular move during a pre-season game for Real Madrid against Chelsea in 2013, where he scored twice to lead his team to a comfortable 3-1 victory. Ever since, the iconic celebration has become a cultural phenomenon, transcending the sport of football and taking over all forms of digital and social media.


FIFA 23 brings Ronaldo's classic celebration to life with the most impressive graphics and animations


While scoring a goal in FIFA can be fun as well as exhilarating, the celebration that follows is even more satisfying and cathartic. In FIFA 23, fans have more options than ever to celebrate their goals, with specific inputs allowing them to perform different animations. This also includes Ronaldo's iconic 'Siuu' celebration, and it is something that you can do with any player in the game.

However, it is important to note that the legendary celebration is present in FIFA 23 under a different name. It is not referred to as the 'Siuuuu', but is called 'Right Here Right Now' instead. Performing it is quite simple as long as you know the correct steps to do so.


How to perform the 'Siuu' in FIFA 23 (Right Here Right Now)

Interestingly, there are three different ways to perform the 'Siuu' in FIFA 23. The first is to score with Cristiano Ronaldo himself and press the X button on PlayStation or the A button on Xbox. This is Ronaldo's default celebration in the game, and pressing these buttons will automatically perform the 'Siuu' animation.


The second method allows fans to recreate this celebration with any player in the game. To perform the 'Right Here Right Now' celebration on PlayStation, hold the R1 button and press the circle button after scoring a goal. To do so on Xbox, hold RB and then press the B button.


The third and final method is viable only in FIFA Ultimate Team. In FUT, gamers are able to purchase celebrations from the transfer market and set them as their default celebrations. These animations are then triggered by pressing the circle button on PlayStation or the B button on Xbox. Fans can purchase the 'Right Here Right Now' celebration from the market and activate it as their default.

What are the other iconic celebrations in FIFA 23?

EA Sports has added several new celebrations to FIFA 23. This includes signature celebrations performed by players, such as Diogo Jota's 'Gamer' celebration, where he sits down and pretends to play a video game after scoring a goal. This unique animation can be performed by holding R1 on PlayStation and RB on Xbox and flicking the right stick right and then left.

Perhaps the most popular new addition to the vast gallery of FIFA celebrations is the Griddy. This dance move was created by Allen "Griddy" Davis and has been widely popularized on TikTok. Referred to as 'Eyes and Arms' in the game, it can be performed by holding R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox and then flicking the right stick upwards twice.

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