MLB The Show 23 rediscovers the same old formula and adds a fresh coat of paint (Image via Xbox)

MLB The Show 23 review: It's a home run!

MLB The Show 23 returns bigger and bolder than ever, with San Diego Studios showcasing their expertise in meeting the community's demands. This is the third entry in the franchise I have played, and it is the strongest of the three. The improvements that have been made aren’t limited to gameplay, as the introduction of new modes makes the overall experience much more holistic.

Unlike MLB The Show 22, the changes are not radical or dramatic by any stretch of the imagination. That would have been absurd as the strong foundation has already been laid down in the last few years.


This year's emphasis is to further refine the offerings, and San Diego Studios have done the same. It’s no wonder the game feels so exciting despite it resembling the previous year’s release in many ways.

MLB The Show 23 rediscovers the same old formula and adds a fresh coat of paint


The game will feel familiar as soon as you start MLB The Show 23. This isn’t surprising as the engine is the same, but several improvements have been made under the hood. Moreover, the new features in this year’s release include brand-new storylines.

Speaking of game modes, Storylines is an amazing addition that takes MLB The Show 23 to new heights. How San Diego Studios developed the game mode is truly awe-inspiring. This leads to the reason for the game getting good marks from me, but there’s so much more.



When San Diego Studios announced the introduction of Negro Leagues, I was pleasantly amazed at the homage they were trying to pay to the origin of modern-day baseball. At first, I thought it would merely be a new game mode, but the reality couldn’t be any more different.


The narrative-rich experience forms a blend of educational videos and customized gameplay experiences. The interactive nature of the entire mode makes it informative and exciting for beginners and veterans alike. The decorated stories of legends like Satchel Paige and Jackie Robinson feel fresh, and there will be new ones in the later seasons.

When the FIFA World Cup mode was introduced in FIFA 23, I felt the concept could have been different. Instead of a mere tournament, the overall experience could have been designed much better. If EA Sports needs inspiration for the future, MLB The Show 23’s Negro Leagues could be a potential starter.

Game modes

Negro Leagues might be the most innovative of the lot, but there’s much more. Between Diamond Dynasty and the Franchise mode, I prefer the latter. Last year, I took the San Diego Padres to several championships, and it’s no different this time around.


A key change in the scouting process makes things much more random. There’s no guarantee that you’ll necessarily discover a world-beater. No matter how much you rely on stats, there is a great possibility that your latest recruit may turn out to be a dud.


This roll of the dice is the perfect change that the Franchise mode needed to improve the overall experience. Don’t get me wrong, the new scouting system could be problematic for you. However, the necessary bit of challenge makes the gameplay feel livelier.

Then there’s the Diamond Dynasty mode, the bread-and-butter for those who love to play with custom squads. The recently concluded World Baseball Classic can be enjoyed in the first season, with all kits and diamond cards available.

It felt awesome to pack the cover star on the very first day (Image via San Diego Studios)

While there is no noticeable change to the gameplay in Diamond Dynasty, it continues to offer a great overall experience. The grind feels much more rewarding with all the seasons and World Baseball Classic items in the fray. The Team Affinity program has also returned, offering even more resources to players.

You can also fulfill your dream of becoming a seasoned pro in Road to the Show game type. The RTTS mode could have been improved a bit more. The introduction of Face Scan is quite innovative and allows you to add more personalization elements to your ballplayer. I hope that this particular game mode receives more improvements in next year’s iteration.

Performance and optimization


San Diego Studios has once again gone for a console-only release, with MLB The Show 23 available on Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch. I played the game on my beloved Xbox Series S, and every expectation was met.

There are barely any fluctuations in frames or stutters, which applies to all game modes. Online modes feel quite smooth to play, barring the occasional issues due to the internet. Input lag is negligible for most parts, which is important given the importance of timing in whatever you do.

I also didn’t encounter any bugs in any game modes in the 10 hours I spent with them. Overall, MLB The Show 23 delivers a very satisfactory level of performance and doesn’t leave any blemishes.

In conclusion

MLB The Show 23 builds on the solid foundation from last year and does a good job at that. The innovations to the existing game modes seem well thought-out and lead to positive player experiences. Features like Face Scan are simple additions that add to the overall immersiveness.


The new Storylines mode in MLB The Show 23 is the shining light of this year’s game, and I am truly excited to find out what new content will be added to it in the next seasons. It offers a unique experience that is both entertaining and educational.

San Diego Studios opted to go for an experience that is filled with unique narratives containing information that’s new to many. Not only does this help players get a different kind of experience, but they can also learn about the rich history of the Negro Leagues. With scope for new content in the future seasons, the future for Storylines looks very positive.

All of this is bound together by the smooth mechanics that have been part of the series for some time now. Crossplay, seamless multiplayer, and customizable difficulties offer the perfect solution for players of different tastes. Despite a limited scope for improvement, MLB The Show 23 truly offers some frequent moments of brilliance.


MLB The Show 23

Detailed scorecard (Image via Sportskeeda)

Reviewed On: Xbox Series S (Review code provided by MLB)

Platform: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Publisher: MLB

Developer: Sony San Diego Studios

Release Date: March 28, 2023

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