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  • Honkai Star Rail leak showcases possible Dan Heng Inhibitor Lumae abilities
A recent leak has seemingly revealed Inhibitor Lumae's ability kit in Honkai Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail leak showcases possible Dan Heng Inhibitor Lumae abilities

HoYoverse’s latest live-service gacha game, Honkai Star Rail features a ton of character additions per patch. At least one new entity is expected to be featured in every update, whose rarity can vary between five and four stars. Of these units, Dan Heng’s Imbibitor Lunae form has drawn a considerable amount of interest within the community. A new leak via Twitter user ThorisIlian has seemingly leaked the entire ability kit of this character, complete with detailed descriptions of each skill.

Read on to learn more about the leak and the detailed breakdown of each skill.


Honkai Star Rail leak reveals all of Inhibitor Lumae’s abilities

[1.2 LEAK]
Trial Character Kit - Imbibitor Lunae
Added skill icons
Thanks to Yarik for the Skill Icons.

According to a tweet posted by user ThorisIlian, Imbibitor Lunae is a 5-star character who will be introduced as a possible trial unit during version 1.2 of Honkai Star Rail.

This entity is part of the Imaginary class and follows the Path of Destruction. The Honkai Star Rail character is Dan Heng's dragon form and possesses the following abilities:

  • Basic Attack: Lotus. Single target attack that deals 7% of Imbibitor Lunae’s ATK stat as Imaginary damage.
  • Skill: Unrestrained. Using the Skill increases the potency of Basic Attack, up to three times. Interestingly, using this ability does not consume any Skill Points.
  • Ultimate: Cleaning of the World. Deals Imaginary damage to all enemies in the field, with a focus on a single target. Additionally, grants an unknown stack of Reverse Scale on himself.
  • Talent: Righteous Heart. Increases the damage dealt by Imbibitor Lunae on foes by a certain unknown percentage. Additionally, the effect can stack and lasts until the end of the turn.
  • Technique: From the Abyss to the Sky. Imbibitor Lunae receives an unknown set of Reverse Scale stacks during the next battle.
  • Secondary Basic Attack: Instant Brilliance. Deals Imaginary damage based on a percentage of Imbibitor Lunae’s own ATK stat, consuming one Skill Point in the process. This is a three phased attack.
  • Tertiary Basic Attack: Heavenly Shadow Arrow. Deals two successive attacks, each dealing Imaginary attack based on Imbibitor Lunae’s own ATK stat. Additional damage is dealt to nearby targets.
  • Quaternary Basic Attack: Panna’s Radiance Leap. Deals focused Imaginary damage to a target scaling off Imbibitor Lunae’s ATK stat, twice. Additionally, deals 4 consecutive Imaginary attacks on nearby targets.

Eager players must keep in mind that this information is not directly supplied by HoYoverse, and as such, must be taken with a grain of salt. Furthermore, this ability kit is subject to change on final release in Honkai Star Rail.

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