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Logan Paul announces hi own Crypto project (Image via NBC News)

Logan Paul announces his very own NFT Project CryptoZoo, says it will change the game

YouTuber Logan Paul made the news earlier in the year when he expressed his interest in the field of boxing and made his name there. However, Paul has now shifted his interests to a different field once again.

This time, the YouTuber wants to make his name in the field of cryptocurrency, suggesting that his company would "change the game". He has been working on this project for quite some time now and the details he revealed sound quite promising:

"For the last six months, I have been working on my own NFT project that I believe is going to change the game."


Logan Paul announces CryptoZoo, his very own NFT project

In an IMPAULSIVE Clips video, Logan Paul spoke about his own crypto currency project for the first time publicly, and introduced the world to CryptoZoo.


Stating the reason behind his launch of CryptoZoo, Logan Paul said that he feels like every NFT project nowadays is just the same thing in different exteriors.

So he launched CryptoZoo, which he believes is going to be different from the rest:

“As a person, I think, who understands the NFT space enough to know what works, what people want, and what they’re looking for, I think my game is going to make some waves, so stay on the lookout.”

Paul seems pretty confident about the success of his venture, and revealed that he has invested millions in this project simply based on this confidence:

"Bro, we have a massive team behind it, and are probably out of pocket like a million, just because we believe it's gonna work."

Logan Paul's CryptoZoo has a release date already, and the 25-year-old YouTuber revealed that the project would officially launch on September 1. He asked people to visit the website cryptozoo.co and wait until the release date for further details.

Logan Paul is a successful YouTuber, boxer, and now company owner at the age of 25 (Image via Logan Paul on Twitter)

The world of cryptocurrency is not an unknown territory for Logan Paul as he has always been highly affiliated with it, given his supposed contribution in the creation of Dink Doink token.


Therefore, it is logical for this to be the sphere he aims to conquer next. CryptoZoo already has over 5000 unique holders even prior to its release, so there is no doubt that the project will soar to immense heights.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

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