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"My son is a huge inspiration for me": Jarv on content creation, Destiny 2, and his love for the community 

Jarv, one of the most prominent Destiny 2 content creators on YouTube, is known for making videos on guides, daily news, and weekly updates. With over 18 million views on his channel and around 94k subscribers, Jarv has helped build the Destiny 2 community for over three years now.

From his personal life to content creation, Jarv opened up about the challenges in-game and outside in an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda’s Soumyadeep Banerjee.


Q. Hi Jarv, can we start by having you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you start with content creation, and what was life like for you before the channel took off?

Jarv: Hi, I’m Jarv! Our channel is dedicated to providing Destiny content for ANY player, whether you’ve just picked up the game for the first time or have been playing it for nearly a decade. We provide almost daily content, either as videos, live streams, or community posts and polls.

I started content creation back in 2015 by trying Twitch and really struggled with a consistent schedule. I was working nights at the time and have an amazing wife and two sons. So balancing work, family time, and streaming was almost impossible.


After speaking with some close friends, I decided to switch to YouTube. YouTube allowed me the freedom to make content when I had time and schedule them while working or out with the family on weekends. YouTube gave me a balance that I couldn’t achieve by streaming on Twitch.

Since then, it has been about consistency, dedication, and focus. A change in circumstances with work and COVID has put me in a unique position. With the backing and support of my wife and family, we went full-time on YouTube in June 2020 and haven’t looked back since!

Q. You seem to love looter shooters. While making content for over three years now, has there been anything in particular that got you into the world of Destiny?

Jarv: I’ve always been a gamer, and technically Destiny was one of my first looter shooters! My wife and I used to spend time playing Halo and even playing through the Campaign on Legendary, back when you could do split-screen gaming.

Loving @Outriders, 30 hours in 3 days...

☑️ Campaign Completed
☑️ All Side Missions Complete
☑️ Historians Completed
☑️ World Tier 15 Achieved
☑️ Tier 11 Expeditions Unlocked
4:12 AM · Apr 10, 2021

Destiny's transition from Halo was natural, especially with Bungie developing both games. Halo felt unique to play and has incredible stories to tell, and when you add that to the amazing worlds Bungie creates, Destiny was a no-brainer for me.

Q. As a Destiny 2 content creator, you have to equally keep tabs on all three classes in the game. However, out of the three, which is more suitable for you: in terms of comfort, or for fun?

Jarv: I approach all three classes a little differently. With every major DLC for Destiny, I create a Community Poll and ask my community; Which class I should play for the next year? I main-ed a Warlock early on in Destiny 2 and have had Titan and Hunter win polls since then.


In terms of comfort, though, Warlock feels good in almost any situation or activity. For fun, I’d choose Titan just because it feels good to punch aliens in the face!

Q.There are so many interesting characters in the Destiny universe with their respective traits. As a veteran player yourself following a live service game with each season, given the current story and events, which character intrigues you the most right now?

Jarv: The Crow and how he’s developed as a character over the last year has been part of an incredible storytelling experience from Bungie. With so much history with Uldren from Forsaken, his relationship with Mara, and more recently learning about who he was and what he’d done from Savathun.

"If you ever want to see what's been watching you since the very beginning, just stand on that line, and look... up". - Savathun
4:28 AM · Sep 21, 2021

Where he goes from here in terms of character development is anyone's guess, but I get the feeling he’ll have an important role to play in Witch Queen.

Q. You have mentioned that your goal is to gift the first play button you receive from YouTube to your son. You’re mighty close to reaching 100k subscribers. How do you feel about that, and what do you have to say about the journey?


Jarv: My son is a huge inspiration for me. He loves Minecraft and Roblox and came in one day asking if I could buy him a Play Button. I said, you can’t buy it son; you have to earn it.

He asks me about the channel every day and loves to talk about his dad, the YouTuber, to his friends at school. He’s so supportive and has a creative mind as well, so I said when it comes, he can have it.

He’s seen firsthand how much work goes into content creation. But knowing that if you focus and work hard towards your dreams, you can achieve anything. It’s a great lesson for him, one I hope will inspire him to follow his dreams.

Q. You did several guides on Outriders a few months back. Judging from your tweet on New World, do you have any plans to make content on a different game aside from Destiny 2 anytime in the future?

Jarv: Never say never! Outriders and New World are great fun, and I jump into those when I have a bit of spare time or need a change of scenery.


If there’s a new looter shooter, you can be certain I’ll be taking a look at it. A huge factor on whether I create content on it will be; does this resonate with my community? When someone subscribes to the channel, they do so for a reason, and I want to respect that.

Q. You’re known for making guides on numerous gears across the game. Aside from over 100 weapons in Destiny 2, what playstyle do you mainly like going with as yourself inside PvP?

Jarv: I’m normally passive/aggressive when it comes to my approach in PvP. I often use a High Impact Pulse and use lanes to my advantage or a Shotgun for those sudden pushes or moments of madness that often happen in Destiny's Crucible.

Chat when you clutch up in Trials... #Destiny2
10:46 AM · Oct 4, 2021

Currently, I’m running Hunter, so I’m sad to say, I use Stasis to my advantage. Combining that with Hunter’s mobility can get you in and out of trouble in a blink of an eye!

Q. You recently described the Trials changes as an Hourglass with Flawless being accessible to even more players over time. While we’re on the subject of PvP, share a bit of your opinion on the revamped Trials. Do you think it will stay relevant even in the Witch Queen?


Jarv: I love the changes to Trials of Osiris. I’ve always wanted to be able to play with friends and eventually reach the Lighthouse. In the past, this wasn’t always possible unless you played with a highly skilled team and would maybe happen once or twice a year!

I see the Trials changes as a Sand Clock, with the aim of Flawless being obtainable for EVEN MORE players than last week.

Non-Flawless (Top) vs Flawless (Bottom)

Over the weekend the Flawless pool will grow, allowing for less sweaty games and more loot farming! #Destiny2
9:42 AM · Sep 17, 2021

The changes make Trials of Osiris more accessible for more players and provide a clear path for looting, whether you go flawless or achieve seven wins on your Passage. From a quality of life perspective, I think Bungie nailed it. From a matchmaking perspective, there’s still room for improvement, and Bungie has acknowledged that too.

It’s great to see a renewed PvP focus, and I hope this will continue throughout Witch Queen and beyond.

Q. You have been doing Sherpas for Vault of Glass since the beginning alongside cheese guides. With the Vault of Glass already running wild, which upcoming raid from Destiny 1 are you most excited for?

Jarv: Bungie is keeping tight-lipped on that, but I honestly hope that Kings Fall makes a return. Kings Fall was my favorite Destiny 1 raid, the Oryx encounter and how that made you feel when he first appeared was incredible.


They did a great job on the Vault of Glass. With Kings Fall, all the encounters pose different challenges, so I’d be interested to see what types of changes could be made to them in Destiny 2.

Q. Bungie has been pretty vocal about the Hive Guardians that are coming in the Witch Queen. As a veteran yourself, what is your honest opinion on them? Do you think they’ll be a pain in Nightfall strikes?

Jarv: I think they’ll be a pain in any activity, to be honest. Have you ever wondered how the Fallen Dregs feel when 3 Guardians turn up in the Winding Cove? We’re about to find out. I can’t wait to get Shatterdived in Patrol by a Hive Guardian.

Seriously though, we’re fighting the unknown in Witch Queen, and they’ll be challenging to face. I can’t wait!

Q. Before we wrap up, is there anything you would like to say to your subscribers and followers?

Jarv: The support my community has shown me honestly leaves me speechless. Just thinking about 100K makes me emotional. You may have noticed that I often refer to the YouTube channel as “our” channel and the content “we” produce on the channel. This is because there is no me without you.

This is our moment, and this is just the start. Thank you for making my dreams come true!


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