The tussle between Sonic and Genshin fans is massive (Images via MiHoYo, The Game Awards, Sega)

Why is #Robbed trending on Twitter after The Game Awards 2022?

The Game Awards 2022 is trending on social media thanks to all the latest world premieres, trailers, and rewards from developers and their brilliant performances. However, it's almost impossible to please everyone regarding such decisions since only one game can win a particular award.

This seems to be why the hashtag "#robbed" is trending on Twitter at the time of writing. This year's rewards would have got a hot set of reactions irrespective of the results as Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok went up against each other.


But it's not just the two who won at The Game Awards 2022 that have caused the audience to take to social media, there were plenty of other categories as well. Suffice it to say, several choices seem to have raised a host of controversies in the community. While some feel that the decision-making was justified, others believe the winners should be changed.

Many gamers feel hard done by the decisions of The Game Awards 2022 and feel "robbed" as a result

Some gamers feel robbed over particular games getting the awards over the other nominations. A particular one that strikes out is the grudge between Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact fans. The latter won the award, trouncing the former, which has upset many members of the community.

Twitter user @JorgeMateusReal feels that Genshin Impact shouldn't have been nominated in the first place since the game was released nearly three years ago. Sonic Frontiers, by comparison, is a 2022 release, due to which the decision seems unfair on certain grounds.

#SONICWASROBBED #ROBBED #gameawards Genshin came out 3 years ago, it had no reason to be competing against sonic frontiers, also, doesnt deserve the award its getting specially cuz of how badly it treats its community

Meanwhile, @tknbackthecrown feels that The Game Awards 2022 is a perfect example of how most decisions are rigged to an extent. They made this assumption based on incidents in the past and present.

I honestly believe that the game awards are actually rigged. And I have seen it the last two years, with resident evil not winning and I have never heard of it takes two until that night, and goddamnit this year is a huge example! #TheGameAwards #ROBBED

While God of War Ragnarok won the highest number of awards, it missed out on the elusive Game of the Year title. This led to Twitter user @itslordyn use the hashtag to describe the situation.


Another interesting category was the Best Music and Score, which was won by God of War Ragnarok. Metal Hellsinger missing out on the award feels very strange as the game has a dedicated set of artists roped in to create in-game music.

Don't let Bill Clinton game awards kid distract you from the fact that Metal Hellsinger was robbed for best soundtrack.

@sagiitayystar also mentioned Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which missed out from winning in the same category.

@DaveOshry @RuisuKurusu Xenoblade 3 also got robbed. God of War wasn’t even that good, y’all

@UnchartedName feels that God of War Ragnarok should have won the GOTY title as well over Elden Ring.

This isn’t fair!!!!!! GOW SHOULD’VE WONNN #rigged #ROBBED #TheGameAwards

Twitter user @SonicWindDemon believes that Genshin Impact shouldn't have won after all the fiasco with votes from bots.

#Robbed sonic frontiers was robbed. Genshin impact shouldn't be on the list even with caught with bots. Didn't know know the game awards was a gatcha game.

Many had expected that The Game Awards 2022 would lead to plenty of controversy, and it has duly happened. What they might not have predicted was that it will surround Genshin Impact and Sonic Frontiers over the likes of Elden Ring and God of War.

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