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Lewis Hamilton is a seven-time F1 champion.

Barcelona among ‘classic’ F1 circuits Lewis Hamilton doesn’t want to lose from the calendar

Amid speculation that Formula 1 could move the Spanish Grand Prix from Barcelona to a street track in Madrid, Lewis Hamilton has declared his affection for the "classic" Barcelona circuit.

The current Barcelona circuit has been on the F1 race calendar since 1991. However, according to widespread reports, plans are being made to get a street race in the Spanish capital, Madrid, from 2026.


If the race in Madrid gets the green light, it will replace the one in Barcelona rather than co-exist with it.

Hamilton has urged the authorities to consider the heritage of tracks and not do away with 'traditional' circuits altogether.

"I don't think I would want to lose Barcelona. One, I love the city. I do think it's really important we keep some of the classic circuits. At least the ones that provide great racing. Budapest is spectacular. Silverstone is spectacular. This track [in Barcelona]," he said. (via motorsport.com)
"There are a lot of really great traditional circuits that we should keep. Maybe some that don't provide the greatest racing, we should maybe switch them out. I just think about the heritage of the sport and we've got to make sure we hold onto those which I think are the pillars of what this sport is, in my opinion," he added.

The Mercedes driver, however, stated that he was open to the idea of a street race in Madrid, as long as its layout was better than the one used by the short-lived Valencia street track.

"As long as it's not like Valencia was, which wasn't the most enjoyable track to drive," he opined.

Hamilton's former Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas also expressed his love for traditional, old-school tracks, saying:

"I like the race here [in Barcelona]. It's probably not the easiest track to overtake but it's a nice traditional race with a good atmosphere and the track is nice to drive especially with the new layout. I do prefer the old school tracks." (via givemesport)


“We’re almost at the end of having a contract ready” - Lewis Hamilton on his Mercedes future

According to many recent reports, Ferrari have begun negotiations to rope in Lewis Hamilton as Charles Leclerc's teammate, pushing Carlos Sainz out of the team.

Hamilton has brushed all speculation and confirmed that he is close to extending his stay with Mercedes and an announcement about the same could be made in the coming weeks.

"Naturally, in contract negotiations there’s always going to be speculation. My team’s working closely behind the scenes with Toto. We’re almost at the end of having a contract ready. That’s what we’re working towards, so hopefully in the coming weeks. I’ve got a great team in the background doing all the work," he said. (via News 18)
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