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  • "Ferrari needs Lewis Hamilton": Mercedes star tipped to swap Silver Arrows for the Prancing Horse
Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes and Charles Leclerc of Monaco and Ferrari talk in the paddock during previews ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Corniche Circuit on March 16, 2023 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

"Ferrari needs Lewis Hamilton": Mercedes star tipped to swap Silver Arrows for the Prancing Horse

Eddie Jordan feels Lewis Hamilton can make his way to Ferrari as the team 'needs' him and they could perhaps be a shot for the Briton to win his eighth F1 world championship title.

Mercedes had a blow at the start of the 2023 season as the W14 was thought to be a championship-winning car that turned out to be only as competitive as the W13 was.


Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have struggled to clear their way through the midfield in the first two races of the season.

While it is still a question if Hamilton will be able to secure his awaited, record-breaking eighth world title with Mercedes, Eddie Jordan, who owned Jordan Grand Prix, believes he could find his way with the Italian outfit Ferrari for any shots at the title. Crash quoted him:

“F1 needs Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari and Ferrari needs Lewis Hamilton."

According to him, the Briton should move to a championship-winning team, but there are fewer chances that any team will be making way for him (given the fact that Red Bull are satisfied with their current lineup). Hence, Ferrari is the only team in his opinion. He added:

“The only other places I see Hamilton going is Ferrari or staying at Mercedes. At the moment, there's no contract signed and Toto Wolff said if he was Hamilton he would consider leaving. What would I be thinking if I was Hamilton, am I really loved here? What is actually happening at Mercedes?"
Lewis Hamilton is not at all happy with Mercedes W14

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Jordan believes a swap could be made between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc has been the center of Ferrari operations. Although the team has not assigned any of the drivers a number one status, it is quite apparent that the Monegasque had much more grip over the season in 2022 than his teammate, Carlos Sainz.

Jordan believes that if Lewis Hamilton was to make his way to Ferrari in real terms, there could be a swap between him and Leclerc, which would be 'mouth-watering.'


He feels that the Monegasque is much more of a Mercedes driver, and his going head-to-head with George Russell in the same team could be worth watching. Jordan said:

“Now that would be interesting. Charles Leclerc is very much a Mercedes type of driver, and to see Leclerc and George Russell fight it out would be great. That could be a deal in heaven. I know Leclerc quite well as a person and he's magnificent, but so is Hamilton, so who is to say it would be any different."

As the situation is currently, even Ferrari do not look strong enough to challenge Red Bull for the championship battle, though the team is planning a few changes throughout the length of the season.

Lewis Hamilton's contract with Mercedes will last until the end of the 2023 season, and it is expected that he will sign with the Brackley-based outfit again.

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